‘Don’t Even Tell Me YOU Are Smart’ Trump To Biden. Check Out What The Two Had To Say After The Debate!

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‘Don’t Even Tell Me YOU Are Smart’ Trump To Biden. Check Out What The Two Had To Say After The Debate!:  After the heated debate between the Republican challenger Trump and the Democratic challenger Biden, they still had a lot to say which they later shared in Twitter. The discussion was streamed yesterday for almost 2 hours. The two-hour face-off between the two was to prove their worth to the American citizens.

What Happened After Trump & Biden’s Debate

Yesterday, the presidential race debated between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump took place. The debate was to give a clear picture to the citizens for voting. However, the discussion went way too ugly and on a personal level.

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Soon after the debate, the two had a lot to say which they busted on their twitter handles. They ranted to the extent that many people got involved and started taking sides because of which twitter had to remove almost 130 accounts. The accounts we’re drawn not to spread misinformation.

Staring with President Donald Trump, he went full-on for degrading Joe Biden. He first called him out by saying, Sleepy Joe. Trump claims that he doesn’t even have enough knowledge to be the president. He claims Joe doesn’t know how many people died in America, China, Russia or India.


Trump tweeted:

“The American people want LAW & ORDER- Joe Biden won’t even say those words!”


However, the most talked-about the tweet is the insults the two did to each other. That mainly includes Trump asking Biden to shut up, laughing on other another, Trump insulting Biden by saying don’t call yourself smart and much more. And this rant will go on until the Election Day. What do you think about it?