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Kim Kardashian Posts Picture In ‘Paradise’ Amid Divorce Rumors !

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Source: Free Press Journal

Kim Kardashian Is In Paradise Amid Divorce Rumors

Kim Kardashian is putting up a straight face amid rumors of divorce with Kanye. Moreover, she is acting like the news of rumors has not reached her ears. However, amidst all this, she is insisting that she is in paradise. She recently posted a picture in a bikini on Instagram. She managed to grab millions of eyeballs as she looked smoking hot in her outfit. The bikini was from her clothing brand SKIMS and she was promoting it. Moreover, the caption said, “This is more than life…this is paradise.”

Kim Kardashian
Source: Free Press Journal

Kim Kardashian Keeping Quiet On Divorce Rumors

Kim Kardashian has refused to talk about her rumors. Generally, she gives a lot of interviews or keeps herself in the limelight through her social media posts. However, she has kept her mouth shut on the rumors of her divorce. Her refusal to talk about the rumors give way to more doubts about her married life. However, this is not it. The sources close to her suggest that she is okay with this setback in her personal life. In fact, the rumors also indicate that she might have already moved on by dating others.

Kim And Kanye In Clash Of Career

Kim and Kanye are in the worst phase of their married life. Kim is focused on her business and career and Kanye has become a liability for her in that aspect. Moreover, Kanye wants to focus on his political career and Kim has not been in favor of that since the very first day. Both have been at crossroads on their career and that is one of the prime reasons for their divorce.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Source: Us Weekly

Kim And Kanye Still Have Respect For Each Other

Kim and Kanye might be going for a divorce but that doesn’t mean they hate each other. The sources close to them suggest they still have respect for each other.