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Kelly Clarkson Regrets Telling Daughter River Where Babies Come From !



Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Had A Talk With Daughter On Babies And Death

Kelly Clarkson loves to be with her daughter River, 6. Moreover, she recently talked about the conversation she had with her daughter regarding death and where babies comes from. She said, “She was talking about death and all these things, and I wanted her to feel good about not dying, or anything like that and then also, like, ‘Well, you were a part of Mommy, so you’ll always have me, so even if Mommy dies, you were a part of me.’ ”

Kelly Clarkson

Source: Instagram

Kelly Clarkson Opened Up On Pregnancy With Her Daughter

Kelly Clarkson opened up to her daughter on pregnancy. Moreover, she revealed to her that she was in her stomach before giving birth. Furthermore, Kelly said, “You were in Mommy’s tummy, actually. So, you were always a part of me, so that’ll never go away. You’re from my body, so you carry Mommy on, so, in a sense, Mommy will never die with you because I’m a part of you.’ ”

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Talk With Daughter Backfired Badly

Kelly Clarkson jokingly revealed that her talk with daughter did not go as planned and backfired for her. Moreover, she said, “And, then, she took that as in any woman in the world, regardless if you have a stomach or not, walks up to and goes, ‘So you have a baby in there?’ It just doesn’t matter who it is, she is just very excited that ‘Don’t worry. If you die, she’s still gonna carry you on,’ ”

Kelly Clarkson

Source: Vanity Fair

Kelly’s Daughter Became Obsessed About Death

Kelly revealed that the whole conversation started after she noticed that her daughter was obsessed with the topic of death. Moreover, she said, “My daughter became obsessed when she was 4 years old about where she came from. And then she started being nervous about death. I was like, ‘What is happening?’ “

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