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Marilyn Manson Has A Rape Room In His House, Reveals Singer Phoebe Bridgers !



Phoebe Bridgers Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood’s Allegation Against Marilyn Manson Brings Back MeToo

On Feb 1, American actor, model, and musician Evan Rachel Wood revealed her alleged abuser. She claimed it to be none other than rock musician Marilyn Manson. Moreover, she said that she met him as an eighteen-year-old teenager and he was in his late thirties. She testified in front of the California Senate Public Safety committee on behalf of a bill to support victims of domestic violence. She said, “He started to cut me off from my close friends and family, one by one, by exhibiting rage in some form or another when I was in contact with them. By the time I realized I was in a bad situation, I felt completely trapped and terrified for my life.”

Phoebe Bridgers  Marilyn Manson

Source: People

Marilyn Manson Had A ‘Rape Room’, States Phoebe Bridgers

Singer Phoebe Bridgers claimed that Marilyn Manson had a rape room in his house. She furthermore tweeted “I went to Marilyn Manson’s house when I was a teenager with some friends. I was a big fan. He referred to a room in his house as the ‘r*pe room’, I thought it was just his horrible frat-boy sense of humor. I stopped being a fan. I stand with everyone who came forward.”

Phoebe Bridgers  Marilyn Manson

Source: Cumhuriyet Gazetesi

Manson Denies All The Allegations Against Him

After Rachel’s accusations, a number of other women simultaneously made statements accusing the musician of sexually and physically abusing them. Moreover, he put out his own statement on Instagram. He furthermore added “Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how — and why — others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth.”

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