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When Trey Smith Moved Will Smith To Tears On His 16th Birthday !



Will Smith Trey Smith

When Trey Smith Moved Will Smith With His Birthday Wish

Trey Smith is the eldest son of Will Smith. However, not many people know a lot about him as he keeps his personal life private. Moreover, he is the son of Will from his first marriage. Even though Jada is his stepmother, he still shares a wonderful relationship with her. Furthermore, he also shares a strong bond with his stepsiblings Jaden and Willow. There is a story of his 16th birthday where he moved his father Will Smith to tears. It was his birthday wish that caught Will off-guard as he was not ready for it.

Will Smith Trey Smith

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What Was The Birthday Wish From Trey Smith That Moved Will Smith To Tears

In an interview from the past, Will revealed the time Trey celebrated his 16th birthday. Moreover, he revealed how Trey asked his friends to bring presents, not for him but for underprivileged children. He later took the gifts and gave them to the cancer ward of the children’s hospital. Furthermore, Will said in the past interview, “His birthday was November 11th and he did something that had me all teary at his birthday party. He had asked all of his friends to bring gifts for other kids. He said he didn’t want any gifts for his birthday, he said he has enough stuff so he had all of his friends bring gifts to the party and they took the gifts to the cancer ward at Children’s Hospital.”

Will Smith Trey Smith

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Will Smith Does Not Spoil His Kids

Will Smith made it a point to not spoil his kids when they were young. Moreover, he tried to show them the harsh realities of life during their childhood. He said in the past, “We have taken them to South Africa. [Seven Pounds director] Gabriele [Muccino] hosted us just outside of Rome in his town. We try to get them to experience how other people live.” This is probably the reason why Jaden and Willow are so much into philanthropic work.

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