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Jaden Smith And Tyler, The Creator Are Definitely In The Past Now !



Jaden Smith Tyler, The Creator

Jaden Smith And Tyler, The Creator Is History

Jaden Smith grabbed all the headlines in the past due to his equation with rapper Tyler, The Creator. Multiple times in the past, he revealed that he was dating Tyler, The Creator. Moreover, he even said it out loud in a past concert. There was a fun Twitter string between the two where Jaden says he and Tyler are together. However, a lot of time has gone by since then. Jaden and Tyler have not said much about their relationship. It looks like whatever they had is history and there is nothing going on between the two.

Jaden Smith Tyler, The Creator

Source: Metro

Jaden Smith And Tyler, The Creator Are Definitely Over After Cara Delevingne

Jaden and Tyler, The Creator is definitely over. Moreover, Jaden was recently seen spending his time with Cara Delevingne on Valentine. He brought a bouquet for her to mark the occasion. On top of this, the two even shared a public kiss that was captured by various news tabloids. It is safe to conclude that Jaden and Cara are together at the moment. Then it is also safe to say that Jaden and Tyler are not together anymore.

Was Jaden Smith Joking About Tyler, The Creator

One would wonder if Jaden Smith was joking about Tyler all this while. This is because Jaden seldom mentions Tyler. Other than the two instances, he has never spoken about it. Moreover, the two were never seen going out or spending time together. On the other hand, Jaden was repeatedly spotted with Sofia Richie who was rumored to be his girlfriend. Now Cara has come into the picture all of a sudden.

Jaden Smith Cara Delevingne

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Jaden Smith And Cara Delevingne Are The New Couple In Town

Jaden and Cara Delevingne are definitely together at the moment. Their Valentine’s day together backs the statement that the two are very much in a relationship.

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