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Matthew McConaughey Clears The Rumors Around His Titanic Audition !



Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Auditioned For The Role Of Jack From Titanic

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most versatile actors out there. Everyone would agree that he could pull off any role that he gets. In a surprisingly shocking and interesting revelation, he revealed that he auditioned for the role of Jack from Titanic. However, the role eventually went to Leonardo DiCaprio who aced the character. One might agree that Matthew as Jack would not have been as good as Leo in the same role. In a recent podcast, he said, “So I went and read with Kate Winslet [who starred as Rose] and it was not one of the auditions — they filmed it so it was like into screen test time.”

Matthew McConaughey

Source: People

Matthew McConaughey Thought He Would Get The Role Of Jack

Matthew McConaughey revealed that he had a pretty good screen test. Moreover, many people from the team came to him and said the same. Naturally, he thought that he would get the role. However, we all know that it was Leo who got it eventually. Furthermore, Matthew said, “After we left, you know, it was one of those ones where they, like, followed me and when we got outside they were like, ‘That went great.’ I mean, kind of, like, hugs. I really thought it was going to happen. It did not.”

Matthew McConaughey

Source: The Guardian

Matthew Was Never Offered The Role Of Jack

There were rumors at that time that said Matthew McConaughey got the role but rejected the film. However, he recently revealed he was never offered the role. Moreover, he said, “I asked [director James] Cameron about this, because the gossip over the years that I heard and would see written about me was that I had the role in Titanic and turned it down,” McConaughey recalled. “Not factual. I did not get offered that role.”

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