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Hairstylist Of Kim Kardashian Trolls Her For Falling Asleep on Salon Chair !



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Looks Stunning Even While Sleeping

Kim Kardashian has proved that ‘beauty is pain’. Being so glammed up all the time is apparently very exhausting for her. The 40-year-old, KUWTK celebrity proves that getting all dolled up can become tiring at times, as she took a nap while having her hair styled. Her longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton shared a photo of Kim in a chair with a black salon robe over her, while she was completely sound asleep. Her beautifully made-up eyes were closed, and she was so deeply relaxed into her nap that her mouth was wide open as she slept.

Kim Kardashian

Source: The Independent

Chris Appleton Captions the Photo As “I love u, Kim.”

Kim’s gorgeous brunette tresses were being worked on by a team including Chris and another stylist, whose arm could be seen holding up a large chunk of the KKW Beauty mogul‘s hair. The 37-year-old stylist threw up two fingers to make a peace sign in the Instagram photo. In the caption, he wrote, “I love u, Kim.” Kim was not very happy with the post, but she still loves him anyway. Moreover, she wrote in the comments “I f**king hate you!!! LOL You exhausted me!”

Paris Hilton Calls Kim Kardashian A ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Pal Paris Hilton commented that Kim was a “Sleeping Beauty,” while fans agreed. User @maryphillips wrote, “She’s even perfect sleeping with her mouth open,” as @mar__i__am_ told Kim, “You are still perfect, don’t worry.” Fan @jordanadrienne asked, “Is she ever not looking like perfection??”

Kim Kardashian

Source: Women’s Health

Kim Kardashian Leads an Extremely Busy Life as A Mom and Businesswoman

Some fans noted how Kim leads an extremely busy life as a mom and businesswoman and needs to catch some rest whenever she can. Fan @betty_carolina_18 commented, “She has 4 kids… She’s allowed,” as @ladash pointed out, “@kimkardashian Trying to catch some ZzzZ’s in between her 50 businesses, being a lawyer, mother, daughter, sister, & giving other people careers.” @jelondono noted of the reality star, “@kimkardashian a true hard worker and mom life” for her impromptu nap.

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