90 Days Fiancé Start Deavan Called It Quit With Jihoon Over Daughter’s Abasement

90 Days Fiancé
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90 Days Fiancé Start Abused By Husband

When it comes to your daughter, there is no way you can keep a mum over any issue. Something this devastating just happened with 90 Days Fiancé Start Deavan. She was visiting her South Korean Husband Jihoon Recently. And the visitors came back as a nightmare to him.

Things got worst when not only Deavan but her little daughter also abused by her long-distance husband. From the beginning of 90 Days Fiancé show, things were not so good between the two. But it seems they never meant to be together and Jihoon is not at all as he portrayed in the show.

Things Turn Ugly For Deavan And Jihhon

Jihoon is a South Korean resident, while Deavan is a US resident. Both were the participant of 90 Days Fiancé and got married. But things started turning ugly as soon as they tied the knot. Deavan though tried to keep the marriage intact, but Jihoon’s misbehaviour towards her and her daughter is in no way acceptable.

Deavan Clegg shared a post that shows how Jihoon abused her during her visit to South Korea. One portion of her head, hair was not there in the pic. This shows the height of physical and mental abuse she had to go through.

It was unbearable when her four years old daughter also being abused by him. She called it a quit and returned to the USA. Reportedly in South Korea Jihoons’ parents also took his site and continuously used Deavan and her daughter.

Deavan Finds Love Again

The 90 Days Fiancé couple is not divorced yet, but they are not together anymore. Soon they might file for divorce and part ways forever. It was always a toxic relation for Delavan and anyway could not last long.

90 Days Fiancé
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However, the report suggests that Delavan has found love again in another South Korean guy. But he is entirely different from Jihoon and fun to be around. The new man happens to live in Los Angeles and not so far as South Korea. Also, Devan’s new boyfriend is successful and established, which is not in the case with Jihoon.

Deavan with her new boyfriend might come out of the abusive relationship soon and start a new life.

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