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A Pinch of Salt: What’s it gonna take?

Maria and I decided to have a great success last weekend. We haven’t packed such a calendar for years and were looking forward to it.

After that, everything about Maskman Date resurfaced. We kept the plan as it was, but we have to admit that we overdoed mask watching to get everything out of the weekend.

We started on Friday night with a wonderful reopening of the Long Beach Museum of Art. There was a reception before this wonderful museum-wide Tristan Eaton show, the first museum after-dark party, and hey, did you see the scenery at the LBMA?

This was an overall young crowd, studded with several kogers like me. The mission was still a day or two and there were few masks. Of all the friends I visited with, the most frequently used language was free. “I like this freedom.”

Saturday was an escape day to an unnamed amusement park, but it’s still in Los Angeles County. Many families had children wearing masks (most were dissatisfied with mites), and more adults wore masks than expected. After all, the ban was still a day away.

But what is the social distance? never mind. There are no attendance restrictions here.

Sunday mornings are always trips to church. We are now in direct attendance at our place of worship for a couple of months. Sure, it’s in Orange County and our service is done outdoors, but there’s no mask in the evidence.

Sunday night was Paul Garman’s heroic attempt to save Broadway in the Park, Musical Theater West’s annual large-scale fundraiser. It was at the Grand Event Center, not on the streets of Park Estate. I understand that changes are needed to host the event, but some interesting bottlenecks have arisen.

There have been many notices that indoor obligations requiring masks are valid. And at first, those wandering around the silent auction were pretty good about wearing covers. At least if they weren’t sipping champagne or apple cider.

Discipline began to slip at the VIP reception, where almost everyone had a drink in their hands, for the sake of fairness. By the time we sat down for dinner, it was difficult to find a mask for anyone but the server (in my opinion, a sad false charge).

At least initially, there were some new efforts when the crowd moved in for entertainment. But as soon as it became clear that no one was pretending to force a delegation, the mask returned to his pocket.

Now I am completely vaccinated, and so is Maria. You don’t have to worry about getting infected with COVID-19 and dying. (I’m not too worried about when I’ll die, but that’s a different story.)

But I was dissatisfied with the vaccine denials who rebounded this coronavirus into our society, and I heard many others feel. And unless you’re one of those who convinced yourself that there’s a vast plot to trick you into getting protection from the disease, there’s no good reason to keep avoiding shots.

Your actions, or rather their lack of action, affect everyone around you. I have given up trying to convince people that scientists know what they are talking about, or statistics such as 95% of people infected today are unvaccinated are true is.

There are other arguments we can have—whether it’s a good response, or if someone is making a profit. If I can shake you, say a word. I’ll try.

But what I saw last weekend told me that healthy people shouldn’t rely on the obligation of masks to stop the spread. It’s not working.

Can anyone say evidence of vaccination or evidence of a negative test or no hospitalization? I can do it.

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