A Trespasser Made Cops Reach Logan Paul’s Place

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Armed Cops At Logan Paul’s Place

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul made it to headline for a valid reason. The cops reached his home and speculations were in the air soon after the incident. The memory remained fresh to people when the FBI raid Jake Paul’s house. But what made the police come over Logan Paul’s peaceful abode.

Well, the case is entirely different from Jake’s home care, and the police are not here to raid the house. So peeps keep your nose sharp! It was just an incident of a trespasser who made the Los Angeles cops hope over Logan’s place.

A Trespasser Trying To Enter

Yes, the issue is pretty severe, I mean who would like to hop by a trespasser in their darling abode. But this has nothing to do with Jake Paul’s raid incident. Reportedly, on Sunday afternoon, a trespasser tried to jump over the wall of Logan’s home. And then only some neighbours passing by notice and report to Logan.

He immediately called the police to look into the matter. Police reached the place in no time and search for the clues. The area of Los Angeles is very much protected and under CCTV Camera. The question arises how come a trespasser could make an entry to the locality.

However, now police are investigating the matter, and they might soon find some clue about the incident. They went through the CCTV Camera footage and found out that the guy was carrying a suitcase. An LAPD Helicopter and cops were also shown up in the footage.

What Happened To Jake Paul’s Case

Now, coming to Jake Paul’s incident, he was raided in summer on Arizona loot issue. Guns were found in his house, and it was quite a confusing situation. Speculations were there about Jake was around when the incident happened, and there were rumours on the case.

Logan Paul's
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Jake later published a statement where he clarified the matter and justified the cop movement. He urges people not to distribute sheets, and they are absurd. It was just an investigation and nothing to do with him.

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