San Francisco Mayor London Breed Calls For A Change In Rules For Mask Mandate

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is not a big fan of the current rules regarding mask mandate. As per the rule, people are expected to mask themselves in indoor spaces. The vaccination status of the individual does not matter and everyone is expected to follow this order. Mayor Breed suggested that a change in this rule is long overdue, “especially in light of so many people being vaccinated and the decline in numbers.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed
Source: The Mercury News

San Francisco Mayor London Breed Doesn’t Want To Wear Mask While Taking Pictures

Breed has previously criticized the mask mandate rules as it completely disregards the vaccination status of an individual. She does not believe in wearing the mask, especially while taking pictures considering her vaccination status. Previously, Breed said, “When I took a picture, as I do in any case or do an interview, yes I take my mask off when I take a picture. I’m vaccinated. I don’t need to wear a mask to take a picture every single time. I don’t want to.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed
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Mayor Breed Has No Power To Change The Rules Of Mask Mandate

Mayor Breed does not have the power to make any kind of changes to the mask mandate rules. As per California law, county health officers, who are essentially not elected by the people have the power to issue public health orders during health emergencies. Breed just has to be patient till the county health officers revise the mask mandate.

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