Amber Heard: 2 Million People Signed A Petition Against Amber Heard To Get Her Removed From Aquaman 2

Almost 2 million angry fans have signed a petition against Amber Heard to kick her out of Aquaman 2. since the ugly divorce battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been going on since year’s, things are getting worst. But the unfair thing here is only Johnny Depp has been facing the worst consequences for now. And it is not acceptable for the fans. After Johnny Depp was allegedly removed from the fantastic beast series fans are expecting the same for Amber Heard as well. check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently Johnny Depp lost the libel battle against the famous organisation ‘The Son’ after it named the wife-beater to Johnny Depp. After the wife-beater article went viral Johnny Depp sued the son. However Johnny Depp lost the libel case and was named as the wifebeater. It came with a lot of consequences for him as he was removed from one of his biggest projects. he took to the social media to announce that he was asked by the Warner Bros to design the fantastic beast series.

Amber Heard Getting The Backlash

Depp uploaded a text written picture in which he claimed that Warner Bros want him removed from the fantastic beast. He has accepted and respected the decision and has resigned. he claims that he might no longer work with Warner Bros as they removed him because of the ugly divorce battle in which he believes that he wasn’t responsible at all. he claims that all the allegations against him were wrong and that he has not done anything against anyone and he doesn’t deserves any of this.

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Soon after the news went viral on the internet fans went crazy. As they felt it was a little too much on Johnny Depp. And wanted the Warner Bros to treat Amber Heard the same way as Johnny Depp. Fans started filing a petition against Amber Heard asking her to be removed from the fantastic beasts.

The Petition

However, in the petition was first started Amber Heard reacted to it. She took to the Twitter to react on the following situation. She tweeted that she’ll be leaving for the shoot for Aquaman series. Hinting that she is still working with Warner Bros in the aqua man. She later even tweeted saying that she doesn’t care about the petition and she’s anyway going to work for the movie. And she is enjoying everything.


Amber Heard was even captured several times thereafter and looked and bothered about the situation which made people even more angry. People went crazy after words and circulated the petition worldwide. The petition received a lot of attention from the public. And almost 2,000,000 people signed the petition asking Warner Bros to remove her from Aquaman series. but the Warner Bros haven’t reacted to it yet. nor have Amber Heard. but the situation will affect Amber Heard‘s career in some way after 2 million people sending your hate and wanting things against her.

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