Two American Airlines Stand By Their Vaccine Mandate Despite Order From Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had recently made a decision banning all vaccine mandates in his state. The order was also applicable for private companies that had issued vaccine mandates for their employees. Despite the order from Abbott, two major airline companies have decided to stick with their vaccine mandate for their employees. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are the two companies that have decided to act in violation of the latest rule by Governor Abbott.

Joe Biden and Greg Abbott
Source: Houston Chronicle

American Airlines And Southwest Airlines Give More Importance To President’s Order

US President Joe Biden had earlier announced that private companies would be allowed to issue vaccines as well as mask mandates for their employees. Abbott’s order came afterward and directly clashed with the President’s order. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have decided to follow Biden’s order and violate Abbott’s order. Southwest Airlines said in a statement, “We would be expected to comply with the President’s Order to remain compliant as a federal contractor.” Biden and Abbott have been at the opposing ends of the argument regarding vaccine mandates. There is a lot of debate between the Republicans and Democrats regarding the same.

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