Aquaman 2: Show Makers Might Reduced Amber Heard’s Role

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Aquaman 2 Is In Trouble

Aquaman 2 seems to have serious trouble because of Amber Heard and her husband, Johnny Depp. The couple’s dispute is making the show creator mad, and they have a severe conflict. Both Amber and Johnny are part of the movie and have a significant role.

But Johnny Depp wants the creator to remove Amber Heard from the show. Where she had had a lot amount of screen share, it will be needed a massive cut from the movie. On the other hand, Jhonny’s fans are also pissed with Amber, and they do not want her in the film.

Amber Accuses Johnny On Domestic Violence

Amber Heard accuses husband, Johnny Depp of domestic violence and, charges case against him. Whereas in one particular video, her statement put a different angle to the whole story and decline all her accusations. And on the note, Johnny Depp’s fans are incredibly disappointed and want her to remove from the movie.

They signed a petition against Amber through is rolling over the world. And it goes beyond 500,000 signatures. It is because of the video which exposed her as a domestic abuser and a liar. The case reminds of the 2009s incident when Amber accuses her ex-partner of domestic violence and is exposed similarly.

Making It Difficult For The Makers

But out of nothing, it becomes a trauma for Aquaman 2 filmmaker Warner Bros because he is in a dilemma now what to do. However, he might not wholly delete scenes of Amber Heard, instead of cut a large part. It is not possible to cut everything as Amber has a significant screen share, and it will cut a large portion of the movie.

Aquaman 2
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Warner Bros Twitted in the matter. He said that if needed, they can reduce screen space for both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Aquaman was a massive success in its first season, and Aquaman 2 has a lot of expectations. Both the makers and the fans have high expectations for the movie.

But the current situation freaking out the makers and also it has nothing to do with the movie. Amber Heard’s false allegations to Johnny is making it difficult for Aquaman 2 to succeed. Hope it won’t affect much the film.

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