Ariana Grande’s Mother Is Thrilled With Her Getting Engaged. Check Out Her Response With Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian And Others.

A day before the famous iconic singer Ariana Grande took to her Instagram to make an amazing announcement that just shocked the world. she uploaded a bunch of pictures confirming her engagement with Dalton Gomez. Fans were in shock after getting the news of her engagement all of a sudden. This famous sensation has been dating Dalton for a year now. However she managed to keep her love life out of the public eye. And that is what shocked people the most. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Since Ariana grande is such an iconic superstar that the news of her engagement has just freezed the internet for a while. Her millions of followers are curious to know about Dalton. Moreover, fans are more curious to know how their families reacted to their engagement. Soon after Ariana Grande posted the bunch of pictures with her fiance it went viral on the internet. Both are Yana is and Dal tins parents couldn’t resist but to respond on it on the internet.

Ariana Grande’s Mom Is Trilled

Ariana grande’s mother recently tweeted welcoming Dalton Gomes in her family she mentioned that she loves Ariana and Dalton a lot. She even says that there is a happily ever after. And then her mom added a bunch of emojis and shower love on both Ariana and Dalton. on the other hand even Dalton‘s family members showered love on this couple on the internet. Claiming how much they love this couple and hope for the happily ever after.

Ariana Grande Dalton Gomez
Source: Instagram

Fans believe that their parents are thrilled with the news as even they wouldn’t have expected it to be this soon. However, what matters the most is if the couple is happy together or not. and as long as they are happy other things are just secondary. talking about other celebrities who congratulated this new couple. Hailey Bieber took to the internet to congratulate Dalton and Ariana. Claiming that this was such a dream to have Ariana with someone she loves with all her heart. Hailey Bieber wished Ariana the best.

Other Responses

And if you think that was all then you are probably wrong. Because other celebrities like Kim Kardashian Lady Gaga and many other fellow celebrities and fans congratulated her as well. On fact, Soon after the pictures were uploaded it went viral on the internet with millions and millions of people liking it in less than 24 hours and over a lakh people commenting on it. Fans couldn’t resist but to flood her comment section congratulating and appreciating her and Delton.


Ariana Grande has achieved a lot this year from becoming the first female celebrity to cross 200 million followers to winning the VMAs to getting engaged. And of course how can we forget the amazing iconic songs of hers that released this year. Fans are just looking forward to see more of this couple and wish her the best.

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