Armie Hammer Did Not Watch Rebecca Until The Film Shoot Completed

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Armie Hammer Shares Facts From Rebecca Shoot

Armie Hammer the new lead for Netflix Rebecca recently shared some insight into her experience during the filming of the movie. James casts opposite the pretty lady, and the film is all set to release on 21st October. The trailer released back in September and took some time before the final release.

Netflix is bringing back the very popular classic Rebecca. A romantic thriller novel was written in 1938 by Daphne du Maurier. The story caught a lot of attention at that time and became one of the best romantic thrillers.

Success Story Of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca

Looking at the popularity of Alfred Hitchcock in 1940 adapt the movie for filming. The film was a huge success and nominated for Oscar. Along with a total of 11 selected categories, Laurence Olivier also nominated alongside co-star Joan Fontaine.

Netflix post 80 years brought it back with Armie Hammer and James and is done with the shoot recently. It was quite challenging for the online streaming platform to take up such a hugely successful project. But director Ben Wheatley is hopeful for a tremendous back of famous romantic thriller.

Armie Hammer Skipped Watching Rebecca

However, Recently Armie Hammer shares some fun facts about the filming and how she dealt with that. She revealed that though she should have watched 1940’s Rebecca before filming the new movie, she ignored it till the final shoot. And the reason she stated is valid. Armie said she did not want Laurence to ruin her performance as she was fabulous in Rebecca.

Well, she was sarcastic on that point. Laurence was tremendous in Rebecca, and her Oscar nomination says it all. So the new leader will have tension will play such a successful role.

Armie Hammer

She believed that watching Laurence in the movie pre-shoot might lower her confidence and she could have messed up while shooting. And that’s the only reason she did not watch Rebecca, 1940, and is quite valid.

Netflix released the trailer in September and also shared some photographs from the set. That was made pretty well and Hammer and James both seen having fantastic chemistry. The movie is also expected to be as good as the trailer and viewers should not miss Rebecca, 1940 while watching Netflix’s new version.

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