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Arnold Schwarzenegger MISTAKENLY Calls Son-In-Law Chris Pratt As Chris Evans…In A Charity Event !



Chris Pratt Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Accidentally Calls Chris Pratt As Chris Evans

Chris Pratt is the son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold’s daughter Katherine married Chris Pratt and they even share a child that was born a few months ago. Chris recently organized a charity telethon where Arnold Schwarzenegger came as a guest to support the event. When he got a chance to speak, he accidentally called Chris Pratt Chris Evans and immediately apologized for his mistake. Moreover, he said, “Hello, Chris… Evans. Not Chris Evans, sorry. I screw up this whole thing right from the beginning. Chris Pratt.”

Chris Pratt Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Page Six

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Chris Pratt His Favorite Son-In-Law

Arnold Schwarzenegger felt bad that he miscalled the name of his son-in-law and went on to call him his favorite son-in-law. Moreover, he said, “Sorry about that. I should know your name. You’re my favorite son-in-law.” It is interesting to note that Chris is the only son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger which Chris rightfully pointed out jokingly. To the favorite son-in-law comment, Chris replied, “I’m you’re only son-in-law, I better be your favorite!” Chris and Arnold share a great relationship and are very fond of each other.

Chris Pratt Was Worried About Arnold Schwarzenegger In Telethon

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger came on the telethon, Chris was worried that there would be a screw up which would disappoint Arnold. Furthermore, Chris holds great admiration for Arnold and is a little intimidated by him. Moreover, he said, “He is Mr. Universe, the terminator, he’s the former governor of California, my father-in-law, my daughter’s grandfather — in a word, I better not screw this up or I will be terminated.”

Chris Pratt Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Page Six

Chris Pratt Raises $600,000 For Charity

Chris’s worst nightmare was averted as he raised close to $600,000 in charity through the telethon. Moreover, the event was a huge success after all. Furthermore, the money raised through it will go for hunger relief.

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