In the summer, we are more likely to consume liquids and beverages rather than high-calorie snacks and fatty foods. While this allows people to cleanse and improve their general health, sugar-sweetened and canned soft drinks, juices, and ice creams cause problems for us and raise the risk of obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes. Soft drinks have been linked to kidney damage and an increased risk of heart disease. Drinking too many carbonated beverages can also impair your oral health and cause tooth decay, while soft drinks have been linked to kidney damage and an increased risk of heart disease.

To avoid such health issues, one can make a better decision by choosing natural and handmade beverages. Many seasonal fruits, legumes, herbs, and spices, to name a few, have cooling effects and can be utilized to make refreshing drinks like sattu sharbat, bael sharbat, pudina sharbat, and khus sharbat.

Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda expert, has offered ten natural cooling drinks to beat the summer heat:

Fennel Sharbat 

2 teaspoon fennel powder in a mixing bowl To taste, add rock sugar (misri/khand). Mix with 2 glasses of water well. And now your refreshing fennel drink is ready to enjoy.

Sattu Energy Drink 

During the summer, sattu sharbat is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts since it is extremely cooling and a good dose of easily digestible protein.

1 tsp sattu powder, a pinch of roasted cumin, pink salt, and some jaggery in a glass of water, and it’s ready.

Pudina Sharbat 

Take 2-3 glasses of water, add a handful of mint leaves and small chunks of rock sugar (to taste), and thoroughly grind it. Then add half a lemon and a pinch of rock salt (to taste), strain, and enjoy a refreshing mint beverage.

Gulkand Shots

1 glass milk + 1 tbsp gulkand + 1 tbsp gulkand + 1 tbsp gulkand + 1 tbsp gulkand + 1 tbsp gulkand + 1 Then, with your family, enjoy little shots of gulkand milk mixture.

Paan Shots

4 paan (betel leaves) chopped into small pieces, 4 tsp gulkand, 1 tsp fennel seeds, 1 tbsp rock sugar/misri (optional), and 1/4 cup water

To begin, place the paan pieces in the mixer. Then, except for the water, add all of the remaining ingredients and combine for a few seconds. Blend in the water until it is completely smooth. Your paan shots are all set to go.

Bilva or Bael Sharbat

Take the bilva fruit, for example. Remove the interior soft pulp by cutting it from the middle. Soak the pulp for 20 minutes in 1 glass of water. Then thoroughly crush the puppy. After that, strain it and mix with 1 teaspoon jaggery, roasted cumin, cardamom, and a pinch of black salt. Your bilva sharbat has been prepared.

Khas Sharbat 

Soak Khas (Vetiver) for 8-10 hours in water. After that, drain it and add rock sugar to it (as per taste).

Kokum Sharbat 

To make a fine paste, cut two fresh kokum fruits in half, remove the seeds, and grind them into a fine paste. Make a rock sugar syrup and pour it into the kokum paste, seasoning to taste with cumin and cardamom powder. In a glass, put 2-3 tablespoons of this paste, add cool water from an earthen kettle, and enjoy your kokum sharbat.

Sugarcane Juice 

During the summer, drink fresh sugarcane juice. The best source of energy and hydration.

Coconut Water

Have it first thing in the morning or two hours after a meal in the afternoon (around 4 pm).

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