Bangladesh went further on the list of happiest countries in the world. Bangladesh is now 94th on the list of 2022, seven steps ahead. Last year, the country was 101st on the list. His previous year was 108th and in 2019 it was 125th.

In other words, Bangladesh has advanced 31 steps in just three years. This information came from the World Happiness Report prepared in collaboration with the United Nations.

The report, released on Friday (March 18th), names 146 countries. Finland is the fifth happiest country on the list, followed by Afghanistan.

The annual report is based on the mental well-being of the people of different countries as well as economic well-being and social information. It means the amount of happiness with zero to 10 points.

Bangladesh is 94th on the list with 5.155 points. India is ranked 136th, Pakistan 121st, Sri Lanka 127th, and Nepal 64th.

At the bottom of the list in Afghanistan. Their point is 2.404. Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Botswana, etc. have been placed on the Afghans as less happy countries.

Nordic country Finland has been at the top of the list of happy countries since 2016. This year their points are 6.621.

The other countries in the top ten are Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Israel, and New Zealand, respectively.

This year’s survey was completed before the Russia-Ukraine war. So it did not have any effect on the list of happy countries. Ukraine ranks 97th and Russia 70th in the World Happiness Report 2022.

The United States ranks 16th this year, three steps ahead of last year. They are followed by Canada and then the United Kingdom.



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