Batteries and bitcoin not nickel and dime for Musk

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Bitcoin, which fell below $ 30,000 earlier this week, was with influential tech chief Elon Musk. Jack Dorsey’s voice Their support at the meeting on Wednesday.

Musk revealed for the first time his private rocket company SpaceX holds Bitcoin And Tesla will “probably” resume accepting it as a payment for electric vehicles.

Billionaire entrepreneurs, while he personally owns Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the more niche Dogecoin, two of his companies, SpaceX and Tesla, are Bitcoin investors. , Said to stay the same. “We don’t sell Bitcoin, and we don’t sell it personally,” he said. “I hope Bitcoin will succeed.”

Musk may not sell Bitcoin, but he is certainly a big buyer of nickel, Henry Sanderson reports.. Tesla has agreed to buy nickel for batteries from BHP, the world’s largest miner, as it seeks to block the supply of metals not controlled by China. This is the third nickel deal signed in the last eight months, following a deal with the Goro mine backed by Vale and Trafigura. Masks demand a “sustainable” nickel supply, and metal is an important material for Tesla’s long-haul vehicles that require stronger batteries.

In other electric car news, Mercedes has acquired Yasa, British electric motor startup. Spinned out of Oxford University in 2009, Yasa manufactures next-generation electric motors for performance cars and counts Ferrari and other supercar brands as customers. Known as axial flux motors, the company’s products are more efficient and smaller than traditional electric drives.

Meanwhile, in Asia, Foxconn and Nidec of Japan are considering establishing a Taiwan-based company. Next year’s joint venture to build a motor In the case of electric vehicles, two Apple suppliers are actively entering the market.

Internet of Things (5)

1. The founder of autonomy may be handed over, the judge says
Mike Lynch, the founder of the billionaire software company Autonomy, could be handed over to the United States, a London judge ruled Thursday. Lynch, one of Britain’s most renowned tech entrepreneurs, has been charged with 17 conspiracies and frauds in the United States in connection with Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition of Autonomy for $ 11 billion in 2011. It was.

2. Saudi Aramco is a victim of ransomware
Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, Company file leaked Through a contractor after a cybercriminal claimed to have seized the horde of data last month and demanded a $ 50 million ransom.Apart from this, a 22-year-old British citizen known online “Plug Walk Joe” was arrested In the Costa del Sol, Spain, he is said to be one of four young hackers who gained control of dozens of celebrity Twitter accounts last year and used them to solicit over $ 115,000 in Bitcoin.

3. China’s IPO pivots to Hong Kong
Global investment banks are competing to redirect the initial public offering of the Chinese group To Hong Kong After a new cybersecurity rule enacted by Beijing stopped the list of lucrative technologies that were previously heading to New York. Approximately 20 Chinese companies have announced plans to raise $ 1.4 billion from the sale of shares in New York this year, according to Dealogic data. “All Chinese issuers planning an IPO in New York are considering whether they can pivot to Hong Kong,” said Hong Kong’s senior capital markets banker.

4. EU appeals to Amazon’s tax decision
Brussels attractive The European Court of Justice over the court’s decision to revoke the order that Amazon pays a tax of € 250 million to Luxembourg. The EU believes that, like Apple’s appeal in its Irish aid proceedings, it should have ruled on the interests Amazon recorded in Luxembourg, rather than the United States, which holds intellectual property.

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5. HBO Max increases as Netflix slips
HBO Max Registered 2.4 million new subscribers In the US, hundreds of thousands of Americans canceled their Netflix subscriptions in the June quarter. This shows that the Hollywood streaming battle has intensified. Netflix senior executives have rejected HBO as a threat this week. Currently, there are 12.1 million subscribers in the United States, compared to 74 million in Netflix in the United States and Canada.

Transfer from Sifted — European Startup Week

The enthusiastic pace of startup investment continues in Europe, with more venture capital deployed in the first half of this year than in 2020 as a whole. In short, VC companies are raising money faster than ever before.Transatlantic Investor Index Ventures Announced This Week Two new funds totaling $ 2.9 billionOnly one year after raising the final set worth $ 2 billion.

Elsewhere sifted Branch with Daniel Dines, Founder of software sensation UiPath and the wealthiest man in Romania.Interest in On-demand grocery delivery startup show No signs of decline; And the top executive of digital bank Monzo, The IPO is on the card.

Technical Tools — OnePlus Nord 2 5G

OnePlus launched today at a great price Nord 2 5GThe Chinese company describes it as a comprehensive upgrade from the first Nord, “from camera and performance to charging and design.” It is equipped with a 50MPAI triple camera with an improved Sony sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS). There is also an 8MP ultra-wide camera with a field of view of 119.7 degrees along with a 32MP self-camera. The MediaTek processor offers 65% faster CPU performance and 125% better graphics performance than the Nord a year ago. Warp Charge 65 Charging Technology charges from 0 to 100 percent in less than 35 minutes. The screen is a 6.43 inch fluid AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Phones will be shipped from Monday and pre-orders will be available. From £ 399 for the 128GB version. TechRadar has the first review.

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