Most people believe that Windows Movie Maker is the finest. Are you curious as to why? Check out the top 10 free and simple-to-use movie makers of 2022.

 If you have access to Movie Maker, you may use it to edit videos as well. The software supports many standard video formats, such as MP4, AVI, and WMV. Keyframes and video templates are just a couple of the features available.

 Additionally, you have the option of including audio effects, subtitles, and end credits in your video. You may also change the video’s colour and export it to a variety of popular mobile devices, including iPhones and Androids.

 You may choose from a wide range of free 4K video editors, but these ten stand out as the best. Almost exclusively designed for Mac and iOS, these free video editors provide a wide range of video editing and sharing options. It’s also possible to edit movies in various file formats, add spectacular transition effects, and modify the title and credits.

 These simple and best movie maker tools will make video editing fast and straightforward. The following are ten of the best –

 1. Filmora – This movie maker tool blends ease of use and efficiency with features geared towards creating stunning films. Users may, for example, add music, utilize Crop & Rotate tools, and improve colours using Colour Correction. They can also accelerate clip playback and add opening titles.

Although the app is free, several functions are only accessible after making in-app payments. This essay will concentrate on the most critical aspects of Filmora.

 2. Kizoa – This is an online movie maker that makes it simple to create movies. You may use Kizoa to make a film to remember a family occasion, share with friends and family, or use it as a commercial tool. You may customize your video with photographs, text, and special effects then share it with others through email, Facebook, and Twitter. You may also include music and subtitles.

 3. Photos App – You may use the Photos App on your mobile device to make a video. This program allows you to record and edit photographs on your phone and add music to them. The most outstanding aspect of this software is that you can view your films on any device, including smartphones and tablets, for free. It is also simple to use. 

4. Magisto – This Movie Maker Online tool is appropriate for you if you want to make your short films. Music and movies may be easily added with the video editor. It allows you to share your films through social media, email, YouTube, and Whatsapp. It even has a collection of royalty-free music and stock footage. While Magisto is not free, you may join up for a free seven-day trial and produce an infinite number of videos.

 5. Quik – The Quik app has a drag-and-drop interface and can swiftly edit video. It also includes a slew of premium filters and functions, such as slow-motion and water or snow-optimized filters. It also enables users to share their films through social media and email and preview and live stream GoPro recordings. Quik provides the skills to build the ideal movie, whether you’re attempting to make a highlight reel or an epic family gathering.

 6. KineMaster – This movie maker online tool is one of the greatest free simple movie creators on the market. It makes it simple to edit and mix video footage. Text, voiceovers, and other media may be added to your movies. Soundtracks, transitions, typefaces, and visuals may also be used. The program also allows you to export and import project files. This simplifies the process of making and editing videos. There are various advantages to adopting KineMaster, including its user-friendly UI.

 7. iMovie– Best free and easy Video Makers for Mac and iPhone is an easy-to-use video editing program that allows you to add audio, remove background noise, and fine-tune the overall audio quality of your movie. You may share your final video online or through email, and you can even submit it to iTunes, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. iMovie can now create 4K films and import and export Apple ProRes footage.

8. WeVideo – This is a web-based collaborative video editing tool that works with nearly all operating systems. The application allows you to easily alter the background of a video and create extraordinarily high-quality films with less effort. Any online browser, even your mobile device, can be used to edit videos.

The application also provides you with an endless cloud storage space to create your film. It lets you collect all of your life’s memories into an aesthetically pleasing and emotionally compelling video. This method can also promote meaningful learning and creative expression in virtually any editing-related subject.


 To suit your basic movie editing requirements, various free video editors are accessible. When it comes to creating a large-scale video, these ten best movie maker tools are perfect for practicing and understanding the ins and outs of video editing on a smaller scale.


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