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Bianca Gascoigne Has A Major Boob Job Failure As Her Implant Gets Leaked!



Bianca Gascoigne has suffered with a really bad and dangerous cosmetic surgery accident that has left people in shock. Bianca went to her surgeon to get her breast implants reduced as she wasn’t satisfied with the size. But the worst thing that we could imagine have happened to her. The doctors noticed that her implants were leaked And had damaged her upper body a lot. The surgeons mention that it was risk not just to her body but to her life as well. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Bianca‘s doctor spoke up about the whole incident. The doctors claimed that Bianca came to see them as she wanted to get her breast size is reduced. The doctors had fixed her appointment to reduce her breast size. But they noticed a dangerous incident then. They realise that Bianca‘s compliance has been leaked. And it is a very dangerous thing that can happen after a cosmetic surgery. At first the surgeons were in shock themselves. They couldn’t understand why the whole situation happened in the first place.

Bianca’s Cosmetic Surgeries

The famous reality star has undergone several cosmetic surgeries. That includes her facial surgeries, two breast job, Brazilian butt lift and more. Bianca in an interview claimed the sun that she found out that she has a rupture in her breast and she wanted her breast to be reshaped. And that is when she decided to visit her doctors and get consulted. Bianca confirmed that as soon as she realise that her breast implant has leaked she got to know how dangerous it could get. She claimed that it could have even caused her life if the incident was unnoticed.

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The famous reality TV star thanked God and claimed that the decision of her going smaller was one of the best decisions of her life. As this decision actually saved her from a very dangerous incident. Bianca confirmed that the incident could have been unnoticed. But the fact that she decided to get her doctor see her ruptured breast soon. It saved her from so many things. her doctors have confirmed that the procedures are going on and it might take time but things will get better for her soon.

Bianca On Her Body

That is not all Bianca has made several controversial statements regarding her body. As we all know this reality TV star who won love Island claims that she is very scared to be pregnant in future as it will drastically change your body for a while at least. The star is just obsessed with her body and cannot afford to have her body shape change. Priyanka even claims that it is her mental illness that gets her into trouble most of the times. Even though she is dating the love of his life and wants to have babies with him in the future. She doesn’t want her body shape to change. As for the record she has been suffering from serial body and health issues since she was 13 years old.

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