Bill Gates has been in charge of investing in technologies that in the future can reduce the need for those that are currently having a massive impact on the environment, with effects being felt around the world, primarily in resource-poor countries.

In addition to his work at Microsoft, which revolutionized personal computers, Gates has also become one of the biggest voices against climate change, promoting policies that combat this phenomenon which it also supports with its philanthropic works.

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Given this, it is understandable why many of the queries that appeared in his most recent AskMeAnything on Reddit were related to climate change and his thoughts on addressing this issue.

Are we screwed or super-screwed? Was one of the most straightforward. Gates took the time to respond, stressing that it’s crucial to consider how challenging life is in developing nations. In some regions of the world, more than 10% of kids die before they turn five, and more than 30% are undernourished, preventing their bodies and brains from fully developing. The effects of climate change will hinder our efforts to improve human situation “But I still believe we can avert a disastrous outcome. Even though we won’t be able to stop the predicted 1.5 increase in temperature, the pace of innovation is rapidly accelerating.”

How to act?

Many people might believe that there isn’t much they can do personally to mitigate the effects of climate change given the effects it has already had. Gates addressed this issue by emphasizing how we may behave even when it doesn’t feel good. “You have four roles in society: voter, consumer, giver, and worker. You can assist in each of those positions. An electric vehicle is beneficial. You will have the opportunity to pay a little bit more to partially offset your travel-related emissions. In the United States and everywhere else, we must support the political climate, he stated. “It is a good deed to maintain hope.”

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In general, it doesn’t sound complicated at all, but the reality is that simple steps can be taken by an increasing number of individuals to change their way of life. An example would be the transition to electric vehicles. Bill Gates notes that although some people may choose to live a vegan lifestyle, not everyone will be able to do so. However, in the future, there will be technology that can produce food, lessening the industry’s current negative effects.

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