Billboard Music Awards 2020, From A Star Studded Nights To The Amazing Performances!

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Billboard Music Awards Staged Successfully

Billboard Music Awards 2020 just took place on Wednesday night. The D-Day for the music industry delayed due to COVID-19 but finally, they succeed to stage the most fantastic night of 2020. The Billboard night was all about the music stars of the year. From Lizzo’s one-shoulder custom dress to BTS tremendous performance made the night rocking.

Along with that, the musical night witness the biggest star-studded night of 2020. Everyone in the award show put a unique style statement with their custom made dresses and were looking ravishing.

Style Statement Made By The Stars

Apart from Lizzo Lilly Singh made the night glittery with her presence. She was in a stylish white blazer with glitters in collar and a matching mask with Breonna Taylor‘s name printed on it. She tried to point out the recent #blacklivesmatter with her appearance. Anyway, she was looking gorgeous in her formal yet stylish attire.

Stephen Boss, an American freestyle rapper, also seemed to represent Black Lives Matter with his black t-shirt with yellow print. He was layered with a black motorbike leather jacket. He was looking all smiling, and the attire just went well with his personality.

In the Billboard Music Awards 2020 Post Malone, the top artist winner this year, steel the show with her unique dressing style statement. He was wearing a black t-shirt layered in a black leather jacket. Ditching the regular pants he chooses to wear a knee-length pleated skirt with a pair of black shoes.

Billie Eilish, rock her presence with the co-ord set featuring floral motif all in Olive with the same colour mask. She completes the look with a hat of the same colour. She took home the best album 2020 award.

Kelly Clarkson, the host of Billboard Awards 2020, who is hosting the award night three times in a row also was in gorgeous attire. She kills it with a silver shimmery silver long gown with a black plunging neckline. She gave her best and kept entertaining the audience throughout the night.

BTS Killed It

Apart from all the looks, in Billboard Music Awards 2020 BTS stole the show with their fantastic performance. The members turned up in maroon blazer over white shirts and tie. They rocked the stage with their outstanding performances and left the audience row to move with them. They also beg the Top Social Artist Award this year.

Billboard Music Awards 2020

The fantastic musical night of the year with all the tremendous performances by the top stars and the remarkable fashion statement set by them!

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