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Billie Eilish Rocks A Tank Top While Celebrating Her Rescue Puppy’s First Birthday !

Billie Eilish Took to Her Instagram And Posted A Series of Cute Videos with Her Puppy.

On the day of her puppy’s first birthday (Feb 9), Billie Eilish took to her Instagram and posted a series of cute videos of her adorable rescue baby. One of the videos showed him adorably snuggling with her as she laid back. He was shored up on her with his little paws in the clip before he jumped down and she laughed.

Billie Eilish
Source: iHeartDogs

Billie Looked Stunning in Her Tank Top While Celebrating Her Puppy’s Birthday.

Billie Eilish looked fashionable in her white tank top which perfectly complimented her green and black hair. Before Billie celebrated her dog’s birthday, she got attention for matching her wardrobe with her neon green hair color too.

Billie Eilish is having a blast with her one-year-old baby

In a post on Billie’s page, it can be clearly seen that she is having the time of her life with her little baby.  There were videos of the puppy having fun with her on car rides, in backyards, on her lap, and in his warm and cozy bed. There was also a striking video of Billie riding a scooter as the zealous baby ran after her. Moreover, she captioned the post stating “my sweet rescue baby boy was born a year ago today🥳🥳 you have made my life 1000x better happy birfday little shark🥰 (& if you’re thinking about fostering or adopting… this is your sign)

Billie Eilish
Source: YouTube

Billie’s Fans Were as Happy as Her on Her Puppy’s Birthday

Following her post on her puppy’s birthday, her fans shared their own birthday wishes in the comments. “omfg who else can’t believe that he’s one year old already? 😭” one fan asked while another wrote, “you also made my life so much better!! thank you for the birthday post😊.” A third wished, “happy birthday Sharkie boy 🥺💕” and many more left birthday-related emojis like confetti, balloons, and cake.

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