Brad Pitt’s Rumored GF Nicole Seems Flaunting Her Toned Figure In A Colorful Bikini

Nicole Flaunts Her Toned Abs In A Bikini

Nicole Poturalski, a 27 years model, rumoured to be Brad Pitt‘s GF. The lady is living her life to the fullest in the pandemic also. She is roaming around countries and having a fun time while doing her projects in different cities.

Brad Pitt and Nicole are dating since their gateway in vineyard Château Miraval. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt jointly own the estate. However, none of them confirmed their relationship as of now and thus, it still a rumour. The speculations on their relationship are on air for many days now.


Brad is 50 while Nicole is 27 years old, although they made a happening pair with each other. There is not any evidence of their relationship, and also they hardly saw each other. But as it says rumours sparks only there is some truth.

The Insta Queen

Nicole’s Instagram account is always up to date, and she never fails to amaze fans with her unique looks. The Insta Queen recently shared a picture of her in a colourful bikini which grabs attention. Nicole was looking marvellous in the wrap-around bikini while flaunting her toned body.

She paired the scarf style top with the same pattern mid-length skirt wrap the waist in v-shaped. The 27 years model was looking mesmerising with her curly open hair while taking a mirror selfie. Toned abs were visible in the tropical bikini dress which she wears in a spa during her session.

Nicole And Her Witty Remarks

Nicole said it sarcastically that she can’t wear it on the beach and thus is using it for the spa session. She also mentioned her no make-up look as she was there for the spa and having some relaxing time.

Source: Page Six

She is a gorgeous lady in the tinsel town and pulls it up so well with every look. Her Instagram is a treat to eyes where the young model never forgets to give insights into her journey around the world and the time she spent with all fun and excitement.

It is not yet confirmed if Nicole Poturalski is dating the Hollywood Heartthrob Brad Pitt. They are surely gonna make an exciting pair.

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