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Brian Austin CONFIRMS Relationship To Sharna Burgess: It’s Been Great So Far !



Brian Austin Sharna Bergess

Brian Austin Opens Up On Vacation With Sharna Burgess

Brian Austin and Sharna Burgess are together as per the rumors. However, the rumors became almost certain when the two were seen kissing together at a beach. Moreover, they also went for a vacation together to Hawaii. Brian Austin recently came on an interview and faced the questions head-on. When asked about his trip to Hawaii, he did not shy away. In fact, he opened up and admitted that he had a great time with Sharna Burgess. Moreover, he said, “We had a great time. We had a really good time. Hawaii is a really amazing place.”

Brian Austin Sharna Bergess

Source: Too Fab

Brian Austin And Sharna Burgess Have Not Labeled Their Relationship

Brian Austin and Sharna are still in the primitive face of their relationship. They have not yet talked about whether they are in a serious relationship or casually dating for a while. However, they are not in a hurry when it comes to their relationship. Moreover, he said, “It’s early on, so we don’t have any labels for anything obviously, but we really enjoy each other’s company.”

Brian Austin Is All Praise About Sharna

It looks like Brian Austin is very much into Sharna Burgess. He finds her extremely caring and passionate. Moreover, he felt blessed about being with Sharna and dating her. He said, “She’s an amazing woman. She’s super responsible, she’s super sweet and caring, passionate, fun to be around. I feel blessed right now.”

Brian Austin Sharna Bergess

Source: People

Brian And Sharna Met Through Their Common Manager

Their common manager played cupid for them and the two are glad about it. Moreover, Brian said, “She was like, ‘Hey I’ve got a client that you should meet. We met and we had a great conversation. It’s been great so far.”

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