Summer can make it difficult to maintain a vehicle’s peak performance because heat and humidity affect both the exterior and interior. Regular maintenance and paying attention to any irregularities can keep your car in good condition even in bad weather.

Here are some simple precautions to take when caring for your car during the summer. Also, we can tell you should read these car care tips if you are careful about your precious vehicle in this such Bangladesh weather. 

Here are Some Car Care Tips for You

Car Battery

Batteries are essential for maintenance, especially during the summer. Because the summer heat can cause it to corrode, bulge, or crack, it must be inspected at the start of each season. Keep it clean and properly strapped down. Driving a car for an extended period of time in the summer heats up the battery. Check the battery for alerts to reduce the rising heat. Clean it on a regular basis and take a break when the battery gets too hot. To avoid putting too much strain on your car, keep the voltage between 12.6 and 14.5 volts.

Air Filters

Summer humidity and heat cause dust particles to accumulate in air filters, resulting in a variety of internal problems. Clean the air filters on a regular basis to ensure proper airflow into the air conditioner. Check the condition of the filters and have them replaced if necessary. These filters control the flow of air into and out of the car’s air conditioner. When it is dirty, it prevents fresh and cool air from passing through.

The air conditioner

Because the use of air conditioners is highest during the summer, this is one component that requires special care and attention. Check and recharge your air conditioning system before summer arrives. Low freon in your car’s air conditioner will not keep it cool. Check the gas, air filters, coolant, and refrigerant. Any leak in the AC system can also cause it to fail. Don’t forget to check the fluids as well. If there is a problem with the filter, it is simple to clean. However, if there is a leaking problem, you must take it to a mechanic. This is very important part of your vehicle and that’s why you have to keep these car care tips in your mind before you fall in any difficult situation.


Checking the coolant falls under the general category of summer car maintenance. Check to see if the coolant is standard and approved for your vehicle. You should also check when the engine has cooled down. Coolant is in charge of keeping the engines’ temperatures balanced. Because it is a mixture of water and antifreeze, distilled water should be used when diluting coolant. Coolant refilling necessitates caution and precision. When refilling at home, use a 1:1 mixture of water and antifreeze. Allow the engine to cool before opening the coolant cap to inspect it, as inspecting a hot engine can result in burns.

Car fluids inspection

In the event of a fluid leak, the most critical components of your vehicle will not function properly. Fluids are in charge of keeping your vehicle lubricated and operational. Engine oil and other fluids keep your wheels turning. Furthermore, windshield cleaners are required to keep the windshields clean. To avoid accidents, look for signs of leaks. Before the summer, take your vehicle in for a maintenance check and replace old and stale fluids with new ones. This should ensure a trouble-free summer for your vehicle.

Texture and pressure of tires

The road is in direct contact with the tires. In the summer, excessive heat can cause the tire to deform and tear. The tyre pressure should be maintained at the recommended level by the manufacturer of your vehicle. It can cause accidents if it rises or falls. Also, make sure your car has enough treads when driving on highways, as it can generate heat if not properly treated. Before embarking on a long summer ride, check the air pressure and tread depth of the tyres.

Other considerations

There are several other things you can do to keep your car safe this summer. Using reflective paints in the summer can help to reduce discoloration. Parking your car in the shade is a no-brainer for keeping the engine cool. To reduce heat, you can also use interior protectants such as sunshades, cotton covers, and curtains. Another way to stay cool and comfortable in your car during the summer is to use ventilated and cooling seat covers. The hot air inside the car is dissipated by keeping your window glasses slightly open.


Finally, and most importantly, the driver must maintain proper hydration while driving. During the summer, dehydration and heat stroke are common. As a result, self-care is essential when driving in extreme heat. Keep an emergency kit in your car to deal with unusual situations or accidents. Remember that even if you take the best care of your car, you cannot guarantee that it will not have an accident. However, it is still necessary to be prepared for any situation ahead of time.

Remember to inspect your vehicle on a regular basis so that you can enjoy relaxing rides throughout the season. Therefore, you have to learn all these car care tips since the summer season comes in Bangladesh.    

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