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Cardi B Claims Her Controversial Song WAP Charged Her $1m As Kylie Jenner Was In It!



Cardi B recently made a very controversial statement that has just amazed the fans. Cardi Claims that she has splurged $1m on her latest and one of the most famous WAP song featuring Kylie Jenner. The few minutes long clip of Kylie Jenner charged Cardi B a million dollar. The music video from Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion, has been one of the biggest hit this year and has received tons of love and support from people all around the world. I’m not just that it is the also one of the most like the videos of YouTube but then it costed cardi b a lot as well. Check out everything you need to know about it.


On thursday the famous iconic rapper took to the social media to confirm that she splurge $1 million to have Kylie Jenner in her music video. Not everyone is surprise about that because everyone knows how much Kylie Jenner would cost for a two-minute music video. She is the richest female celebrity in the world and the only celebrity to rank in the top 10 list. And now we know where she gets the money from.

The WAP Song

Cardi B on her social media claimed that her WAP song what is the most expensive one. And it costed her a lot of money. Moreover, she gave a lot of details about how much her other music videos caused in which she mentioned Bodak yellow caused $900,000. Her other songs also cost over $400,000 to $900,000. But her last song which created a lot of controversy all over the internet was the most expensive one. And one major reason why it was the most expensive one was because they had Kylie Jenner in the music video.


It was one of the most exciting and adventurous yet sexy music video of the year. We can see two tigers walking In the music video along with Kylie Jenner. Moreover car DB also looks very sexy in the music video. The video itself is a proof of how expensive it could have gotten this time for her.

Picture via YouTube

However soon after she gave all the details about how much money home music video cost. Fans went crazy about it with some of them saying Kylie Jenner always charges bomb. On the other side some people claiming that no matter how much money it charged her it was definitely worth it as it was one of the craziest song ever.

The Song Charged Cardi $1m

And that was not all this song created a lot of intensity love and sexiness in 2020. It became a major dance trend on many video making apps and social media. Fans started copying the steps from the music video and recreated them. However, that was not it as it also received some backlash as many fans weren’t happy with the kind of lyrics it had. As it was believed that The song was recreated and danced off by young teenagers which was not cool at all. However, Cardi B stayed on board heard about it as usual. What do you think about it.


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