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Cardi B Has Valentine’s Day Advice For Women: If He Buys You Flowers You Buy Him Grass !



Cardi B

Cardi B Has A Valentine Day Advice For Women

Cardi B has some interesting thoughts on Valentine’s day. She has some advice which the women can use for the special day. Moreover, all the couples are gearing up for Valentine’s day and are busy getting gifts for their better half. However, Cardi feels girls and women should never buy gifts that are more expensive than what they get from their boyfriend or husband. Moreover, she tweeted, “Yes! Men do deserve to get gift as well for Valentine’s Day, but the gift has to be less expensive than the girls gift. Soo if he buys you flowers you buy him grass.”

Cardi B

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Cardi B Recieves Backlash For Her Valentine’s Day Advice Tweet

The tweet from Cardi B has not gone down well with many Twitteratis. Moreover, it is probably the men who had a problem with the advice. Many people joked about how Cardi got Offset an expensive gift. Moreover, many people picked up on the ‘ if he buys you flowers you buy him grass’ comment. Many even joked that Cardi meant weed when she said grass in her tweet.

Cardi B

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Cardi B Replies To People Criticizing Her Advice

Cardi B noticed that many people took offense at her advice and decided to pack a final punch with one last tweet on the topic. She bragged about how she has got two expensive rings and two expensive cars from Offset in the past. Moreover, she said, “Ok so due to my Vday tweet men came on my Twitter roasting me sayin ‘but you bought your man a lambo’ but remember…I got 550K ring on my left hand ,400k ring on my right ,Thousands of dollars In Birkins ,soo much jewelry, a lambo truck and rollsRoyce truck we even in gifts.”

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