Lebron James Says Its Not His Job To Advocate People To Get Vaccinated

Lebron James
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Lebron James Thinks It’s Not His Job To Encourage People To Take The Vaccine

Lebron James has been vocal about his skepticism for vaccines. However, after doing his research, he decided to get vaccinated. Many celebrities are coming forward asking their fans to get vaccinated. Lebron is not of the same opinion as he thinks that is not his job. Moreover, he said, “We’re talking about individuals’ bodies. We’re not talking about something that’s political, or racism, or police brutality, or things of that nature. We’re talking about people’s bodies and well beings. So I don’t feel, personally, I should get involved in what people should do for their bodies and their livelihoods.”

Lebron James
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No Talks Of Getting Vaccine In The Dressing Room, Says Lebron James

Lebron revealed that there is no talks inside the Lakers dressing room for getting the vaccine. Instead, the team is focussing on winning the championship. Moreover, he said, “t the end of the day, you’re always trying to figure out the ways to always be available and protect one another, and put yourself at the best possible chance so you’re available to your teammates, available to what you need to do on the floor. The ultimate goal is to obviously win a championship.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci Warns The US May Face A Dark Winter Due To Low Vaccination

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Says The US May Face A Tough Winter

The COVID cases in the US are increasing and most of the cases are being recorded among the unvaccinated population. States with low vaccination rates are the ones who are showing a significant increase in COVID cases. Biden’s medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the US would face a tough winter if the vaccination rate is not increased by a significant margin. Moreover, he said, “You know, if we don’t get people vaccinated who need to be vaccinated, and we get that conflating with an influenza season, we could have a dark, bad winter.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Urges For More Vaccination

Fauci also gave the solution to the problem that the US is facing currently. As per him, there needs to be a drastic increase in the vaccination and the rate needs to be maintained till December. Furthermore, he said, “We could also avoid a dark, bad winter if we get people vaccinated to a very high degree over the next several weeks to a month or two.” There is still a considerable population that is yet to take even one dose of the COVID vaccine.

Pfizer Gets Nod From FDA For Booster Shots For High-Risk Population

Pfizer Vaccine
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FDA Approves Pfizer Booster Shot For Select Population

The Food and Drug Administration has shown the green light for Pfizer booster shots. However, only a select group of the population is eligible for it. People above the age of 65 and people above 18 who are at high risk of contracting COVID will be eligible for the booster shot. This includes ‘health care workers, teachers and daycare staff, grocery workers and those in homeless shelters or prisons’. The booster shot will be administered to those people who have completed six months after taking the first and second doses.

Pfizer Vaccine
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Will Continue To Evaluate The Booster Shot, Says FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock is well aware that coronavirus is continuously mutating and changing. The scientists and medical experts are constantly studying it and it has paved the way for booster shots. Janet revealed the FDA would continue to evaluate the pandemic and the booster shot and keep the public updated. Furthermore, she said, “This pandemic is dynamic and evolving, with new data about vaccine safety and effectiveness becoming available every day. As we learn more about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including the use of a booster dose, we will continue to evaluate the rapidly changing science and keep the public informed.”



People Not Fully Vaccinated Eight Times Likely To Get COVID, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Provides Data Showing Effectiveness Of COVID Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been going from one interview to another speaking about the need for Americans to get vaccinated. He is trying his best to convince people to get vaccinated. In a recent press briefing, he showed some data to convey the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine in the US. The data was particularly based on the delta variant which is spreading very fast in the US. Furthermore, he said, “This is COVID-19 data over the past 30 days, essentially Delta data. People who are not fully vaccinated, are eight times more likely to test positive, 41 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 57 times more likely to die, compared to people who are vaccinated.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Source: Healthline

Vaccine For Children Between 5 And 11 May Come Soon, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci revealed that Pfizer and BioNTech have shared the results of their trials on children with the FDA and CDC. The data is showing promising results among children and there is a possibility that children between 5 and 11 would soon become eligible for the vaccine. Moreover, Fauci said, “Pfizer and BioNTech submitted their data to the FDA from their phase 2/3 trials of their vaccine in children five to 11. The N was over 2,000. The company’s report that the vaccine demonstrated a favorable safety profile and elicited robust neutralizing antibody using a two-dose regimen of 10 microgram doses.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Booster Shots Showing Results Against COVID-19

Booster shots have been proposed in the US for people above 65 and those who are at the risk of getting exposed to COVID in their day-to-day lives. Fauci also showed data that proved the effectiveness of booster shots. He said, “Twelve days or more after of the booster dose, the rate of confirmed infection was lower in the booster group than in the non-booster group by a factor of 11.3, and the rate of severe illness lower by a factor of 19.5.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci Thinks Travel From Ireland To The US Is Safe

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Travel From Ireland To The US Is Safe

Ever since the COVID pandemic, international travel has become a major concern for governments across the globe. People want to travel to different countries but many countries have banned people from countries that are recording high COVID numbers. Many students travel from Ireland to the US every year for studies and other reasons. President’s medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that travel from Ireland is safe. He said, “I think the combination of the fact that it will be in November, and there will be a requirement for vaccination and testing, that it will be safe for people in Ireland to travel to the United States. I believe our Irish friends and colleagues who come from Ireland to the United States with vaccination and testing can have a safe visit.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Fauci Gives His Take On Children Travelling From Ireland Without Vaccination

Dr. Fauci was asked if it was safe for kids to travel from Ireland. He acknowledged that it was still a risky affair. However, he recommended the kids wear masks. Furthermore, Fauci said, “Everything is relative. Planes, given the filtering on board, are relatively safe. If you have children that come over from Ireland, we recommend that they wear masks in congregated settings.”

I Think The Coercion Is Just Totally Wrong: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis On Vaccine Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Opposes Vaccine Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the latest GOP Governor to oppose the vaccine mandate in the US. Biden’s order giving freedom to private companies to issue vaccine mandates for its employees has not gone down well with DeSantis. He revealed how many vaccinated people are also against such mandates as it steps on the personal freedom of Americans. Moreover, he said, “There’s also people that you look … they, a lot of their … you have a certain class of people that are vaccinated. They took it, they wanted to do it, but they object to these mandates as well. And they believe that it should be their own choice, and they don’t want other people to be kind of coerced into doing it.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
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Vaccine Mandate Destroying People’ Trust In Public Health, Says Ron DeSantis

DeSantis thinks forcing people to take the vaccine is not the way forward to tackle this virus. As per him, people’s trust in public health is going down due to such mandates. Therefore, it is necessary to stop such kinds of mandates. Furthermore, he said, “So I think the coercion is just totally wrong. I think it’s destroying trust in public health, to the extent that there was still trust left over after all the stuff that’s been done. But I think it’s really, really negative.”

Governor Tom Wolf: Mask Mandate To Remain In School Till Students In Pennsylvania Above 12 Get Vaccinated

Students in Pennsylvania School
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Mask Mandate In Schools By Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Causes Divide

Almost a month ago, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a mask mandate for schools. The students and staff members were asked to wear the mask in all circumstances during school hours. Schools shut down during the pandemic and it is still risky to open it as the cases are rising in the US. However, Governor Wolf decided to take the risk, like most of the Governors but also issued a mask mandate. It has caused a divide among the people as many feel that the mask mandate is an infringement on the freedom of people.

Students going to school in Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf To Keep The Mask Mandate Till School Students Vaccinated

The only way to combat the spread of the virus is through vaccination. At present, the US has allowed students above the age of 12 to get vaccinated with Pfizer. However, still, a large population of students has not taken the vaccine. There is a big possibility that schools can become a breeding ground for the spread of virus and mask mandate is the only way to contain it. Governor Tom Wolf made it clear that the mask mandate would remain in place till students above the age of 12 get vaccinated. Moreover, he said, “We have a problem here. And as soon as kids under 12 can get the vaccine, that’s gonna continue to be our strategy: the vaccine. Right now, we don’t have that.”

Governor Kathy Hochul: Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers Up In New York

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
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New York Governor Kathy Hochul Releases Data Showing The Effect Of Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has issued a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in her state. Many of the healthcare workers think the mandate is an infringement on their personal freedom. Even then, the vaccination rate among healthcare workers has gone up. As per the statement from Hochul’s office, ‘Vaccine Rates Increased Considerably Over Last Four Weeks — 92% of Nursing Home Staff Compliant as of Monday Evening, Up from 71%’. Moreover, she said, “This new information shows that holding firm on the vaccine mandate for health care workers is simply the right thing to do to protect our vulnerable family members and loved ones from COVID-19.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
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Kathy Hochul Is Pleased That Healthcare Workers Are Getting Vaccinated

Hochul is happy that the healthcare workers are complying with the mandate and taking the vaccine instead of fighting the mandate. Furthermore, she said, “I am pleased to see that health care workers are getting vaccinated to keep New Yorkers safe, and I am continuing to monitor developments and ready to take action to alleviate potential staffing shortage situations in our health care systems.” Hochul promised to keep New Yorkers updated regarding the COVID situation in the state.

Governor Tate Reeves Downplays COVID Situation In Mississippi By Criticizing Biden’s Vaccination Policy

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves
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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Criticizes Biden’s Vaccination Policy

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is not happy with the Biden administration for its vaccination policy. Biden has announced a few days back that federal workers, large employers and health care staff will have to take the vaccine. This vaccine mandate has not gone down well with GOP governors who have opposed any kind of mandate since the start of the pandemic. Moreover, Reeves said, “The president very much wants you and everyone else to believe that this is a fight between politicians. The reality is this is an attack by the president on hardworking Americans and hardworking Mississippians who he wants to choose between getting a jab in the arm and their ability to feed their families, and I just believe that is a false choice.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves
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Mississippi Struggling Against COVID Delta Variant

Mississippi is currently struggling against the delta variant of COVID. The state is registering the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus. As per the data from John Hopkins, one out of every 320 people in Mississippi have died due to COVID. However, Tate downplayed the COVID situation in his state by constantly attacking Biden for his policies. Furthermore, he said, “It is unique to kids and their ability to go to our public schools, it’s not vaccines mandated in the workplace. But the question here is not about what we do in Mississippi, it’s what this President is trying to impose upon the American worker.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves
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Biden Hits Out At Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves For Vaccine Criticism

Biden also hit out at Governor Tate for having an issue with the vaccine mandate. Mississippi already has a vaccine mandate for many diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus and more. However, Tate doesn’t like the federally imposed vaccine mandate for COVID. Biden said, “But in the midst of a pandemic that has already taken over 660,000 lives, I propose a requirement for Covid vaccines and the governor of that state calls it ‘a tyrannical-type move’? A tyrannical-type move?”

Israel Right To Go Ahead With Booster Shots For Everyone, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Dr. Anthony Fauci Thinks Israel Right About Booster Shots

Booster shots have become a topic of discussion in the US. The FDA recently approved booster shots for people falling in certain brackets. However, it has not been approved for all Americans yet. President’s medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks the booster shots would be eventually approved for everyone. Israel is one nation that has already started the process of administering booster shots for everyone. Fauci is of the strong belief that Israel is on the right path. Moreover, he said, “I think ultimately there will be enough data to show that Israel is doing the right thing.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Source: LA Times

People Should Fight The Virus And Not Each Other, Says Fauci

In the US, there is still a large chunk of the population that has not taken a single dose of vaccine. Vaccine mandates have become a political debate and Fauci thinks people are forgetting that the common enemy is the virus. The lack of vaccination can hurt the US and people stepping forward to take the vaccine is one of the only ways to fight the virus. Furthermore, Fauci said, “I see the end of it if we all pull together and recognize that the enemy is the virus and not each other. We are all in this together. It is unacceptable that in a country such as ours that we still have 70 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not yet gotten vaccinated.”