Governor Kathy Hochul Wants New York Christians To Be Her Apostle To Spread The Word On Vaccine

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
Source: BBC

Governor Kathy Hochul Appeals To Christian New Yorkers To Get Vaccinated

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is trying her best to get the unvaccinated population to take the COVID vaccine. Many people in New York are still skeptical and Hochul is repeatedly trying to convey that the vaccine is safe and effective. She recently addressed the worshippers at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn and asked them to take the COVID vaccine. She said, “Yes, I know you’re vaccinated. They’re the smart ones, but you know, there are people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know this. You know who they are.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
Source: Reuters

Kathy Hochul Wants Christian New Yorkers To Be Her Apostle And Talk About The Vaccine

Hochul tried to come up with Christian phrases to lure the people at the Christian Cultural Center. She asked them to be her apostle and spread the word that the vaccine is safe. Moreover, she said, “I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other. We love each other.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul
Source: The Irish Post

Kathy Urges Christians To Get Vaccinated

All the Governors across the US are asking their people to take the vaccine. Kathy is also doing the same. She said, “Jesus taught us to love one another. And how do you show that love, but to care about each other enough to say, ‘Please get vaccinated because I love you. I want you to live.'”

How to Identify Omicron?

Omicron Indentify

The Omicron version of the coronavirus has infected over a thousand people in the United Kingdom. Some of them have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The country’s public health officials have warned of the next wave of the corona, with the rate of infection doubling every two to three days.

Which test is used to identify Omicron?

Swabs of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test – which may be performed in the lab to confirm the corona variation by analyzing saliva, phlegm, saliva, and other samples.

Although not all labs in the UK have the technology to identify Omicron, one-third to one-half of them do. Anywhere in the country, Omicron detection is achievable in the shortest amount of time.

To determine if a suspected sample is omikron, a complete gene analysis of the sample virus is required, which takes four to five days. If you have any symptoms of illness, you can get a free PCR test by ordering it on the government website. For travel purposes, a provision has been established to purchase a PCR test privately.

Has the rule of self-isolation changed?

For those with corona symptoms and corona, the rule of self-isolation is comparable to what it was previously. Both must be placed under home arrest for a period of ten days. Those who have been vaccinated, on the other hand, have interacted with a positive individual, and the rules for their self-isolation have changed slightly.

Since December 14, a rule has been in effect in England that states that if a person has been vaccinated in two phases and is in close proximity to someone infected with any variety of the corona, he or she does not need to be isolated immediately. A seven-day continuous flow covid test will be required of that person.

How was the Omicron infection confirmed in England?

Experts can confirm the spread of Omicron by studying samples infected with the virus using genome sequencing technologies.

The Omicron version is spreading four times quicker than the Delta, according to them. If the incidence of infection is high enough, a large wave of infections could occur before Christmas.

Several studies have revealed that the Omicron version could enter a vaccinated person’s body and destroy their antibodies accidentally. Antibodies produced by the vaccine are the mainstay of a vaccinated person’s fight against corona. Everyone is getting a headache from Omicron, which has the ability to dull it. This, however, does not imply that the vaccine’s effectiveness has decreased.

Experts believe that vaccines can still prevent many of Omicron’s vulnerabilities and issues. The booster dose, often known as the third dose, can help a person’s body build maximum immunity.

In the United Kingdom, 71% of people over the age of 12 have recently been vaccinated, with roughly a third receiving a booster dose.

Can Lateral Flow Test Detect Omicron?

The Rapid or Lateral Flow Test (LFT), which may be performed at home, can assist detect whether a person is corona positive or negative, however, the corona variant cannot be determined.

If someone tests positive for LFT, they should immediately seek self-isolation. If you want to know about the corona variation, however, you must perform a PCR test.

What is the difference between Omicron and other variants?

Within the Omicron variety, many forms of mutations have been discovered that have never been seen before. Experts are concerned about the presence of a lot of spike proteins on Omicron. The spike protein is the target of most vaccinations. That’s why the stakes are so high.

An ‘S-gene dropout’ in a routine PCR test detects Omicron. The lack of a ‘S gene’ in most coronary omicron variant viruses was first thought to be a hallmark of omicron detection. It cannot be termed Omicron if the ‘S-gene’ is missing; in such a case, the whole genome sequence must be retrieved.

What role does genome sequencing play?

Every week, approximately 20% of corona positive results in England are sent to genome sequencing. Scientists can detect if a corona-positive person is infected by a variation by thoroughly examining genetic samples. The only way to be certain about the swab samples used in this method is to use them. It does not provide a complete picture.

However, scientists can only estimate the number of people who are affected by the new variety as a result of this procedure. Scientists in England and South Africa are pioneering new methods and technologies for identifying variants. As a result, new varieties are discovered early in these locations. This does not imply that these countries have seen the emergence of all new varieties.

What are the symptoms of Omicron?

The majority of persons who were exposed to Omicron in South Africa many years ago were young and had just minor symptoms.

Many people believe it creates symptoms that are slightly different from the Delta variety. The survival of pain and taste is crucial among these. However, it is impossible to be certain.

Many people who have been infected with Omicron have been taken to South African hospitals in critical condition. The majority of them have never had the corona vaccine or have only had a single dose. Although the risk of death from an omega-3 infection is significant, it will take weeks for a vaccinated person to acquire a fully functional immune system. He doesn’t have a choice but to wait.

Scientists are hoping that because two-dose and three-dose vaccinations are now widely used in England, the omikron outbreak will be milder and the death rate will be substantially higher.

California Becomes First State To Issue Vaccine Mandate For School Kids

California Governor Gavin Newsom
Source: People

Governor Gavin Newsom Announces Vaccine Mandate For School Students

Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that the students in California schools will have to mandatorily take the COVID vaccine. California has become the first state to announce a vaccine mandate for school children. The mandate will come into effect as soon as FDA gives it full approval for each grade span (7-12, K-6). Furthermore, Newsom said, “The state already requires that students are vaccinated against viruses that cause measles, mumps, and rubella – there’s no reason why we wouldn’t do the same for COVID-19.”

COVID Vaccine
Source: Economic Times

Vaccine Mandate Implemented For Protection Of Kids

Many people will argue that the vaccine mandate has come a little ahead of time for students. Moreover, vaccine mandate in itself is controversial as people skeptical about the vaccine are forced to take it. Newsom justified the decision and said that his administration is only aiming to bring measures that would ensure the protection of students against the virus. He said, “Today’s measure, just like our first-in-the-nation school masking and staff vaccination requirements, is about protecting our children and school staff, and keeping them in the classroom.”

California Governor
Source: PE

Governor Gavin Newsom Encourages Other States To Follow California

Newsom’s measures have proven to be effective as California is currently recording the lowest case rates in the US. He urged other states to adopt the measures implemented by California. Moreover, he said, “Vaccines work. It’s why California leads the country in preventing school closures and has the lowest case rates. We encourage other states to follow our lead to keep our kids safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Pfizer Gets Nod From FDA For Booster Shots For High-Risk Population

Pfizer Vaccine
Source: Getty

FDA Approves Pfizer Booster Shot For Select Population

The Food and Drug Administration has shown the green light for Pfizer booster shots. However, only a select group of the population is eligible for it. People above the age of 65 and people above 18 who are at high risk of contracting COVID will be eligible for the booster shot. This includes ‘health care workers, teachers and daycare staff, grocery workers and those in homeless shelters or prisons’. The booster shot will be administered to those people who have completed six months after taking the first and second doses.

Pfizer Vaccine
Source: People

Will Continue To Evaluate The Booster Shot, Says FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock is well aware that coronavirus is continuously mutating and changing. The scientists and medical experts are constantly studying it and it has paved the way for booster shots. Janet revealed the FDA would continue to evaluate the pandemic and the booster shot and keep the public updated. Furthermore, she said, “This pandemic is dynamic and evolving, with new data about vaccine safety and effectiveness becoming available every day. As we learn more about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including the use of a booster dose, we will continue to evaluate the rapidly changing science and keep the public informed.”



COVID Case in Your House, What do You do?


With COVID-19 still present at high levels in the United States and millions of people staying indoors throughout the cooler fall and winter months, scientists say knowing what to do if the virus enters your home is critical.

You can be caring for yourself or loved ones while also attempting to safeguard people around you. But how do you do it, especially if you live in a small space?

What are the recommendations for vaccinated people, who, while better protected against the virus, are nonetheless vulnerable to outbreak infections?

Because of the risk to people with whom they live, experts say it’s vital to isolate those with the virus at home.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News’ top medical correspondent, said, “Data does support the fact that household contacts are at higher risk.”

Anyone who has signs of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, should be checked with a fast test or a PCR test.

If the test comes back positive, here are six things to keep in mind when attempting to stay safe in a public setting.

1. Create as much space as possible

Although maintaining space between family members can be challenging, there are methods that people can take to reduce the risk as much as possible.

“In an ideal world, [the individual with COVID-19] would have their own bedroom and bathroom,” says Dr. Simone Wildes of South Shore Health, an infectious diseases specialist.

If that isn’t possible, the sick individual should “isolate themselves as much as possible.” The goal is to reduce contact between people in the house as much as possible, to avoid sharing objects, to wash hands frequently, and to keep high-touch surfaces clean.

2. Improve the home’s ventilation

Another important aspect of risk reduction is ventilation.

“If at all feasible,” Ashton advised, “improve ventilation in the house or apartment.” If the weather permits, open the windows as much as possible.

With temperatures in some areas already decreasing, even a gap in the window, according to Wildes, would be beneficial.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends filtering the air in your home either with a central system or by utilising a portable high-efficiency particulate air cleaner. The CDC also suggests that fans be pointed outside to exhaust viral particles.

3. Everyone who can should mask up

According to the CDC, everyone who is capable, especially the person who tested positive, should wear a mask.

Individuals who test positive, even toddlers, are “actively infectious,” according to Ashton, and “may transfer this virus with just simple breathing and talking.” The CDC considers someone infectious if they haven’t had a fever in at least 24 hours and haven’t taken any fever-reducing drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Masks with two or more layers of permeable fabric, that completely cover your nose and mouth, fit well on your face, and have a wire over the nose that stops air from seeping out the top are recommended by the CDC. Masks for children should be correctly fitted and not worn by children under the age of two. For certain people with disabilities, there are other exclusions.

4. If possible, designate one person as the caretaker

Any sick individual, but especially a sick child, will require assistance to overcome their illness.

Wildes recommends that one of the parents or guardians be appointed as the caretaker in a two-parent or guardian household to restrict exposure as much as possible. This person should ideally be immunised. This includes giving them over-the-counter pain relievers and making sure they’re getting enough fluids.

When caring for someone who has COVID-19, it’s critical to keep an eye out for warning signals that the condition is progressing. These include difficulty breathing, new perplexity, inability to stay awake or wake up from sleep, or a change in lip, fingernail, or skin colour to pale, grey, or blue.

5. When to quarantine

If you’ve been exposed to a virus, you’ll need to quarantine yourself from the rest of the population. Experts believe it will be determined by vaccination status.

“I believe the most critical factor is immunisation status,” Wildes added. “You would not need to quarantine if you are vaccinated, but you should watch for symptoms if you are not.”

If someone in your home has COVID-19, the last time they were exposed was when they were no longer considered contagious and no longer isolated. Even if you are asymptomatic, the CDC recommends being tested five to seven days after your last exposure for fully vaccinated people.

The CDC recommends quarantining unvaccinated people for 10 days after their last test or symptom, or seven days if they have a negative COVID-19 test but no symptoms.

6. Vaccinate yourself

Finally, the best way to avoid additional illnesses within a household is to ensure that all members who are eligible are vaccinated.

“The best approach to protect ourselves and people around us is still vaccination,” Ashton added. Unvaccinated people are six times more likely to test positive for HIV and more than 11 times more likely to die than those who have been vaccinated, according to the CDC.

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Shaq Reveals Why He Took Take The Vaccine Despite His Concerns Regarding The Vaccine

Source: People

Shaq Reveals Why He Took The COVID Vaccine

Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who is fondly known as Shaq revealed in a recent interview why he took the COVID vaccine. He said that he took the vaccine as he didn’t want his mother to get COVID from him. As per Shaq, he took the vaccine only to protect his family members. Moreover, he said, “I took it, nothing happened. Brother took it, he has underlying conditions. My other little sister took it, [has] underlying conditions. My mother took it. It’s my job as a man to protect, to provide, and love for my family.”

Source: Forbes

Shaq Reveals He Lost Close Family Members To COVID

Just like many other people, Shaq had his doubts regarding the vaccine. However, when the vaccine was not available, he lost a few of his close family members to COVID. Moreover, he thinks people should feel lucky about the availability of the COVID vaccine as many diseases like HIV don’t have a vaccine yet. Furthermore, he said, “HIV had been around a long time, there’s no cure for that. Cancer has been around a long time with no cure for that. You come up with this in a year-and-a-half. I have all those concerns. However, I’ve seen people pass away from this… people close to me.”

GOP Allen West Running For Texas Governor Vows To Fight Vaccine Mandate After Testing Positive For COVID

Allen West
Source: Houston Chronicle

Allen West Running For Texas Governor Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Republican Allen West who is running for Governor in Texas next year has tested positive for coronavirus. West has not taken even the first dose of the COVID vaccine. His wife, on the other hand, is fully vaccinated. However, even she tested positive for COVID. West revealed that he took the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine and the anti-parasitic ivermectin. Both the medicines were not approved by FDA and CDC for COVID treatment. He also revealed that he and his wife were treated with monoclonal antibodies.

Allen West
Source: The Guardian

Allen West Dedicated To Fight Against Vaccine Mandate In Texas

West has revealed that he will fight against vaccine mandates in Texas with more force after seeing the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, he said, “After this experience, I am even more dedicated to fighting against vaccine mandates. Instead of enriching the pockets of Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, we should be advocating the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy.”

Allen West
Source: WFAA

West Vows To Fight Against Vaccine Mandates If Elected As Governor

West has vowed that he would fight against the vaccine mandates in Texas if he is elected as the Governor next year. He said, “As governor of Texas, I will vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates in the Lone Star State.” West will go head-to-head against current Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who is also a Republican.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Vows To Take Biden To Court For Vaccine Mandate

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: NBC

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Calls Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Unconstitutional

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is the latest Republican governor to oppose the vaccine mandate imposed federally by President Joe Biden. He called the move unconstitutional as it violated the personal freedom of people to choose whether they want to take the vaccine or not. Furthermore, Stitt said, “I’ve heard from many Oklahomans who have concerns about President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses. I want to address those directly. This action is not just federal overreach. It’s unconstitutional.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: NBC

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Vows To Take Biden To Court

Governor Stitt has already had a word with his state’s attorney general and he is ready to take Biden to court regarding the vaccine mandate. Moreover, he said, “I’ve talked about this with our Attorney General, John O’Connor. And I know he’s on our side. He’s ready to take President Biden to court the second the rules are made public. President Biden’s administration has no respect for individual freedoms.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: The Oklahoman

Taking Vaccine A Personal Choice, Says Governor Stitt

As far as vaccination is concerned, Stitt thinks it is always a personal choice. He cited his own example and said that he took the vaccine only after consulting his doctor. He said, “I cannot believe we have a president who wants to force Americans to choose between a vaccine and their job. The people this is affecting aren’t just statistics. They’re real Oklahomans with real concerns. They’re brave nurses and caretakers. They’re expecting mothers and fathers. They’re first responders and brave law enforcement. Getting the vaccine is a personal choice. Period.”

COVID New Rules in China: No Kissing Hugging or Sleeping Together is Allowed

China has Reportedly Toughened the Covid Guidelines
Photo Credit: The Economic Times

China’s Covid standards have apparently been tightened to the point where people are having difficulty following them.

According to reports, Shanghai, the country’s financial capital, has been placed under a state of emergency, with citizens facing a terrible situation. The country has gone one step further in attempting to contain the spread by publishing what appear to be some strange new guidelines for Shanghai residents.

During the lockdown, residents of the city have gone to Twitter to complain about the country’s bizarre restrictions. Locals are seen protesting the lack of supplies and singing from their balconies in videos showing Covid notifications being delivered by drones in the sky.

Although drones throughout the country are making alerts that inhabitants should not sing from balconies. “Control the soul’s desire for freedom and do not open the window to sing,” the message says. This type of activity has the potential to spread the epidemic.”

Not only that, but another video of healthcare personnel urging people not to sleep together, kiss, or even hold each other has surfaced on the internet. “From tonight, couples should sleep alone, don’t kiss, the embrace is not permitted, and eat separately,” the healthcare personnel said in the video. Thank you for your corporation.”

WTO Applauds Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver Idea

Photo taken from internet

After more than a year of gridlock, the World Trade Organization (WTO) hailed a provisional agreement to relinquish patent rights for Covid-19 vaccines, though drugmakers warned that the decision could jeopardize the industry’s ability to respond to future health crises.

According to Reuters, the US, the European Union, India, and South Africa agreed on essential parameters for a waiver on Tuesday.

It now needs the support of all 164 members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which makes decisions by consensus, so a single country’s rejection may still derail the agreement.

“This is a significant step forward,” said WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala after the deal was announced on Wednesday. “However, we aren’t quite there yet. We still have work to do to assure that the full WTO membership is behind us.”

If the deal is accepted, countries will be able to allow indigenous manufacturers to create vaccines without the permission of patent holders. However, only underdeveloped countries that account for less than 10% of worldwide Covid-19 shot exports in 2021 will be able to do so.

This appears to rule out China, but it does not appear to rule out India, which has restricted vaccine shipments for much of 2021.

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), which represents global drugmakers, has expressed concern that the move could jeopardize their ability to respond to future crises.

“Biopharmaceutical businesses restate their position that weakening patents now, when it is widely understood that COVID-19 vaccine supply limits are no longer a problem,” stated IFPMA director general Thomas Cueni.

The suggestions, according to Cueni, are “political posturing that is at best a distraction, at worst creating uncertainty that will damage innovation’s ability to respond to current and future pandemic responses.”

He said that, thanks to collaboration within the legal patent protection system, the global pharmaceuticals industry was generating more than 1 billion vaccine doses per month, and that the focus should move from manufacturing to distribution in poorer countries.

Pfizer and BioNTech, Pfizer’s German vaccination partner, both declined to comment on the waiver program. In 2021 and 2022, the two have committed to providing 2 billion doses of their vaccine to low- and middle-income nations.

Another major COVID vaccine manufacturer, AstraZeneca, also declined to comment.

As supplies and donations have increased, COVAX, a global program to distribute vaccines to impoverished countries, has struggled to place more than 300 million doses this year. find out more

Poorer countries have faced obstacles such as a cold-chain shortage, vaccine hesitancy, and insufficient finances to facilitate delivery.