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Top 100 Picuki Alternatives to Find Instagram Photos and Videos

Picuki Alternatives

Picuki is a word for a group of individuals who share a common characteristic. It is a website that allows you to download all photos and videos from an Instagram account. The best part is that you do not need to register or log in to download an image from a particular ID. Once you have entered the account ID of the photo you wish to download, you will be able to view all of the account’s public photos.

Picuki also has a number of impressive features, such as the capacity to alter the online photographs of other users by adding filters, cropping, modifying the color, contrast, etc. It is an easy-to-use program. I will demonstrate in detail how to use Picuki with photos.

This article discusses the popular French website We are analyzing the site’s current content, IP address, creation date, traffic, estimated price, and estimated value. This portal is also known as Picuki, which is a shortened version of its full name. It is also being searched for on a website in Clifton, New Jersey, United States, by French users.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a search engine that enables Instagram exploration without the need to create an account. Its interface is straightforward and easy to use, allowing users to achieve positive outcomes. Even without an account, Instagram can be utilized. Only a few straightforward steps are required. As an Instagram viewer and editor, you can view and edit Instagram stories, profiles, posts, followers, tags, and locations without logging in for as long as you like. Picuki allows you to view who is following you and what your friends have posted to their profiles. You can also view the profiles that your friends follow.

Picuki is a free web tool that you can utilize. Even better, you can edit Instagram photos with this app and then share them with your contacts via download. Additionally, you can view popular Instagram profiles and tags in a single location.

What Does it Allow?

  • Search for popular people
  • View the posts of popular people
  • View discussions on the posts
  • And View stories
  • Search using hashtags

How Does Picuki Work? 

Picuki’s layout is clean and straightforward, making it simple to navigate. This Internet platform includes a built-in search engine. The username of the account the user wishes to locate must be entered.

Picuki Alternatives

Therefore, the system will provide you with a list of possible matches for the profile you selected. If you click on one of them, you can obtain additional details about it. items such as posts, stories, hashtags, etc. Picuki can be employed in two simple ways:

Using Account Search:

  • Visit the official homepage of Picuki’s website.
  • No registration is required to use this site.
  • This website is free to use, and your personal data is secure on it.
  • Input the account name into the search field.
  • the account name in the search field
  • If the account is set to public, you have access to all photos, videos, and stories.
  • You must request permission to follow a private account.
  • It’s over! Instagram is now compatible with Picuki’s numerous features.

By Hashtag Search:

  • Go to Picukilike before you tap the search box.
  • Enter the hashtag you want to look for, then click “search” and then “search icon.”
  • To the right of the search results, tap “Tags.” A list of possible hashtags is shown.
  • So, you can tap the hashtag to see what it is.
  • The results of a hashtag search are shown, and you can scroll down the screen to see the images that have been shared.
  • You will then see the photos that came up in a search for that hashtag.

How to Use Picuki? 

If you want to open on your mobile device or log in from your computer, you’ll need a good web browser like Google Chrome. Simply enter in the address bar of the user’s preferred web browser. Click the “Enter” button once you’ve completed this step. With this action, it is easy for the user to navigate to your preferred website, Next, open the portal and navigate through the Picuki Top menu bar.

How to view a complete Instagram profile on Picuki?

Picuki is one of the most popular Instagram watchers and one of the most recently searched words and tags on various internet platforms, based on the frequency with which they are looked up. As part of the debate, however, it is unclear whether the letter is genuine or not. Even if other sources and review websites have indicated so, the post office has also been termed fraudulent and illegal. Here are the steps required to view any Instagram profile on the Picuki website.

From a user’s profile, one may access both postings and stories.

The user may certainly search for particular hashtags and locations. To view a profile, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to the Picuki page.
  2. Enter the person’s name whose profile you would want to view.
  3. Select your options prior to beginning a search. You can choose All or proceed directly to Profiles.
  4. Select the appropriate profile after the search has been conducted.
  5. When you are ready, you can view the profile’s images and videos.

What are the Benefits of Picuki? 

  • Without providing your ID, you can download many posts.
  • You may view every Instagram account that is private.
  • If you wish to learn more about the user, you may also examine his or her past activity.
  • You can save it to your mobile device if it’s unavailable.
  • No one is able to observe your actions.
  • You can search Picuki for posts that can be downloaded securely.
  • It’s a great tool that can be used safely with the Instagram Charge Less app. You can utilize this free service. Nothing is required of users. The app’s features can therefore be utilized immediately. The users are satisfied with the product. Additionally, you can select the software for download. Most individuals are interested in attempting it.

Top 100 Alternatives to Picuki to find Profiles

1. Inflact

2. SmiHub

3. StoriesDown

4. Gramhir

5. InstaXYZ

6. Fullinsta.

7. IGLookup

8. Watchinsta

9. InstaDP

10. Pixwox

11. Hoverwatch

12. izoomYou

13. InstaStories

14. Instalkr

15. 4K Stogram

16. StoriesIG

17. FastSave

18. Storiesgrams

19. Instore

20. Instasaved


22. Story Saver for Instagram

23. Apkun

24. Anon IG Viewer

25. Barinsta

26. Bigbangram

27. Popcornflix

28. Ingramer

29. Save Instagram

30. Qoob Stories


32. ShowBox

33. JustWatch

34. Flipps

35. ePix


37. Confidential Instagram

38. FUNimation

39. DesiRulez

40. Glassagram

41. gramho

42. tiktok

43. pictame

44. piwox

45. Instagram 

46. cutestat












57. imglore

58. cimri











































Picuki Picture Editing Guide

1. Picuki is an internet application that allows you to immediately modify Instagram photographs. This is a feature lacking in the majority of Instagram downloaders.

2. Picuki allows you to add filters, trim, adjust exposure, contrast, and saturation, as well as other settings, while your photographs are still online, which is quite useful. As soon as the image has been corrected, it can be downloaded.

There are additional useful Instagram downloaders besides Picuki.

Without logging in, you can view the story

Instagram stories can be seen on Picuki without requiring a login. Follow the steps below if you wish to view Instagram’s story.

  1. Visit the profile page of the person with whom you wish to share the story of Picuki.
  2. On the profile screen, tap “Stories.”
  3. At the bottom of the screen is an icon labeled “story.”
  4. Instagram no longer requires users to sign in to view stories.

If the story video will not play on your phone, try downloading it. Additionally, you can view the video by playing the file you downloaded. I hope you’ve figured it out by now; the procedure is extremely straightforward.

Is There a Picuki Way to See an Entire Instagram Profile?

If you do not have an account on the aforementioned platform, you cannot proceed. This, however, can be accomplished without joining the aforementioned social network. Picuki is one of them. This website has many advantages, such as the ability to view and download photos from other people’s profiles, but is relatively unknown.

Similarly, Instagram can be explored without registration or login. This enables you to discover trends in hashtags, locations, and other categories. This tool typically does not keep track of the websites you visit. Not to mention you can get it for free on your computer or phone.

A website known as Picuki enables users to view, edit, and save all Instagram content, including profiles, stories, hashtags, and followers. The service of the platform is free, and you do not need to sign up for or have an account with the aforementioned social network to use it. It is essential to understand that this platform can be used in person and online.

It must be stated now that editing is only possible if the shown content is a photograph. Moments, Stories and Videos are not supported by this option in Picuki.

How to find your favorite account on Picuki?

Even if you do not have Instagram, you may still be interested in viewing what someone has posted there. With the help of picuki, you can locate your favorite account.

When you visit Picuki’s official website, you will notice a large search bar. In this case, you must type the desired account’s name in the search bar and then click “search” to see a list of all the associated accounts. Choose the one you’re interested in and examine its features.

While the image is being downloaded, picuki displays a number of options. This indicates that you can modify the image before saving it to the phone’s memory. Here, you can crop, adjust, add a border, change the focus, add stickers and filters, and more.

The Picuki Website

To access on your smartphone or computer, you need a web browser such as Google Chrome. To get started, open your browser and enter in the address bar. Finally, press the enter button.

This is a quick way to access the popular social media website You can use the menu bar at the top of the page as soon as you open the portal.

Does Picuki Have a Mobile App?

There is no official Picuki mobile application. It is a program that only operates on the web. It is not possible to download and install this program because it is only available on your website. iOS is not the only operating system capable of accessing it.

How Can You Boost Your Instagram Profile With Picuki? 

Picuki is a great way to gain more Instagram followers, as we have previously stated. By searching for popular hashtags and content, you can find individuals with similar interests. Whether you wish to share a photo of your cat or your favorite flower, Picuki allows you to edit the image. Once a photo has been downloaded, modifying and uploading it is simple. Now you can send it to your friends or embed it on your website.

Using the Picuki Instagram app, it is simple to observe what other Instagram users are doing. You do not need Instagram in order to view their posts. To view someone’s Instagram posts, you only need to enter their IG ID; you can also crop, adjust the brightness and saturation, and do other things with your friends’ Instagram posts. It’s entertaining to view photos of your friends and discover what they’re doing.

Privacy Related to Picuki 

As a free, anonymous online application, this website does not require personal information such as names, emails, or credit card numbers. However, if you use to request assistance, the website may request your contact information in order to improve your experience.

Keep in mind, however, that this is the only time Picuki collects or stores information about a user. This website conducts regular virus scans to protect your database from cyber criminals.


In conclusion, we can only say that we did our best to provide Instagram editors and viewers with the most accurate and uncontroversial information about the Picuki. The Picuki is the most controversial Pokémon because it is both fake and illegal.

This article discusses one of the most popular websites in France, In addition, we described the site’s current content, location, date of creation, amount of traffic, perceived value, and cost. I hope you appreciate how hard we worked to provide you with so much information about picuki and find it useful. Enjoy your reading, and thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Picuki

How do I get Picuki?

You can access Picuki on your computer via its website, or you can download the app. Currently, only the Google Play store offers the application.

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Their website claims Picuki is completely anonymous. This indicates that when you view or download an Instagram story, your handle will not be displayed.

Can people see when you look at Picuki?

Nobody can tell when or how frequently you view the photos or pages of another Instagram user. Individuals can view the Instagram users who have viewed their videos and stories. Julian Gutman, the product lead for Instagram Home, recently discussed the functionality of Instagram’s feed and stories, as well as how certain items are displayed. The most recent trend is to use Instagram and TikTok together, which is a combination of social media platforms.

Is Picuki free?

Yes, Picuki is available at no cost. There will be no cost to you. The site generates revenue via Google AdSense.

Is Picuki legal and safe?

Instagram anonymous browsing is a legal, secure, and hassle-free way to enjoy everything the platform has to offer without getting in trouble. If you were responsible for this website, how would you rank it? Please provide feedback by submitting a review below.

You can inform the FTC if you’ve fallen victim to a scam, or you can leave the names of suspicious websites or individuals in the comments section below. You will prevent harm to tens of thousands of individuals.

How do you see your following on Picuki?

Follow these steps to view a profile:

  • Enter Picuki on the page.
  • Enter the username of the official account whose profile you would like to view.
  • Before searching, please choose your preferred criteria, which can be All or Profiles.
  • Select the appropriate profile once the search has been conducted.

What is Picuki for?

Picuki is Instagram’s official viewer and editor. Picuki allows you to view and edit Instagram stories, profiles, posts, followers, tags, and locations for as long as you like without requiring a login.

You can also see who follows you and what your friends are posting on their profiles. The public review states that is simple to use, and people do share and recommend it on social networks

Can you block someone on Picuki?

Do not share your feed with others. In the upper-right corner of their profile page, tap the three-dot menu. Click “Block” and you’ll be finished. Therefore, this was the best way to prevent someone from using picuki.

When you look at Instagram on Picuki, what happens to your footprints?

Typically, a footprint can be observed in an Instagram story. People prefer to view Instagram stories that do not include footprints. When Picuki views an Instagram story, there are no traces left behind. If you do not wish to leave any traces, it is safe to read the story on an external website such as Picuki.

Is it possible for me to see the key red (personal account)?

This tool will not display any posts or stories from a “key red” (private account) Instagram account. There are, however, a few things that may be of assistance. This trick has already been demonstrated by a few YouTube users.

What is Picuki’s parent company?

I searched the official Picuki website, but I was unable to locate information about the company that operates it. Please utilize the inquiry page on to contact the management committee if you have any questions.

Can you tell me if Picuki is a real person or not?

It is private, indeed. You can view images and narratives without leaving a trace.

What is the cause of Picuki’s failure? Is there a problem?

Numerous users are experiencing difficulties with Picuki, including loading issues, editor issues, and the site not opening at all. This is due to the fact that their server is becoming increasingly busy. To resolve this, clear the browser or application’s cache.

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Twitter Spotted Working on Much-Awaited Edit Button

Twitter Permissions

Twitter has been observed working on a feature that would allow users to edit their tweets. For the first time, the feature has been noticed on the Twitter Web interface, and it may eventually find its way to the Android and iOS apps. Users have been requesting the option to alter tweets after they have been published for numerous years. Twitter has already announced that an edit button is in the works and will be available to Twitter Blue users in the coming months.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the edit button for Twitter on the web interface and uploaded screenshots of the feature on Twitter. After a tweet is posted, a three-dot menu appears with an Edit Tweet option under the View Tweet Analytics option. According to Paluzzi’s screenshot, hitting the button will open the composer window, which will let you to change (or rewrite) the tweet, with a blue Update button replacing the standard Tweet button.

While this is the first time the new edit button has been seen, it is probable that the functionality will change and evolve while it is being developed. It is presently unknown how much time users will get to alter their tweets. Another Twitter user, Nima Owji (@nima owji), provided an animation of the feature in action, noting that users cannot edit or adjust the audience of a tweet after it has been posted at the time.

On April 1, the service initially mentioned the edit button in a tweet, stating that it was in the works. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently made a $43 billion (approximately Rs. 3,28,250 crore) bid to buy the firm, polled Twitter earlier this month about whether the platform should feature an edit button.

Musk had tweeted the poll shortly after revealing that he had a 9.2% stake in the company, and Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal reposted Musk’s poll, saying that the poll’s results would be significant. He had said, “Please vote wisely.” In more recent news, Musk has launched a hostile takeover bid on Twitter for $43 billion (approximately Rs. 3,27,420 crore).

Elon Musk Giving ‘Serious Thought’ to Build a New Social Media

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Photo: Collected

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., said he is “seriously considering” building a new social media platform, a day after polling Twitter users on whether they believe the site adheres to the principle of free expression.

Musk was responding to a Twitter user who asked whether he would consider developing a new social media platform where “free expression is prioritized” and propaganda is “very limited.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “I’m definitely considering it.”

Elon Musk, a vocal critic of Twitter and its standards, has previously launched a Twitter poll, asking users whether they believe Twitter adheres to the ideal of stringent free expression. He also asked readers to vote “carefully,” as the “consequences of this poll will be important,” according to him.

“No,” replied more than 70% of those questioned.

“Failure to respect free speech standards profoundly harms democracy since Twitter has become the de facto public town square.” “How should we proceed?” says the narrator. He posted on Twitter after the poll. “Does it appear that a new platform is required?”

None of the new social media companies that have positioned themselves as champions of free speech, such as Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Twitter competitors Getty, Parler, and Koo, have come close to matching the reach and popularity of social media behemoths like Twitter, Meta Platform’s Facebook, and Alphabet-owned Google’s YouTube.

 Information Source: Reuters

Donald Trump’s Social Platform Truth Launch at Feb. 21

Truth Social Media

According to a listing on the Apple App Store, Donald Trump’s social media platform is set to launch on February 21.
On the iOS App Store, a pre-order page for Truth Social has been surreptitiously modified to mention an “anticipated Feb. 21, 2022” release date. Trump Media & Technology Group, the platform’s creator, did not reply to a request for comment. Reuters, citing an unnamed source acquainted with the plans for Truth Social, claims that the Feb. 21 date is legitimate. Given that February 21 is Presidents Day, a launch on that day would be appropriate.

After his followers stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook and YouTube. As a result, Trump has been working on Truth Social, a pro-free expression social media site aimed at combating supposed “Big Tech” repression.

“Unlike Big Tech platforms, there will be no shadow-banning, throttling, demonetization, or tinkering with algorithms for political manipulation,” Trump stated in October. “We will not quiet our fellow citizens merely because they may be mistaken—or, even worse, because we believe Americans “can’t handle the truth.” Truth Social, on the other hand, has had a difficult start. The platform was expected to go live in November as a beta, but it never did. The site also used code from Mastodon, a social networking platform, but did not credit the open-source project until a month later.

Users should expect a similar experience to Twitter when Truth Social ultimately launches. But the key uncertainties are how it will handle content control (if at all) and if it will be able to compete with Facebook and Twitter in terms of user numbers. Devin Nunes, who left Congress last month to become CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, was one of the people it attracted.

How to Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture from Specific Contacts?

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Do you want your WhatsApp profile image to be hidden from a specific person or from everyone? Below are the steps to Hide WhatsApp Profile pictures from Specific Contacts and Everyone.

While WhatsApp makes it simple to conceal your profile photo from everyone, it is not that simple to hide your profile photo from specific contacts.

You can still hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture from certain Contacts by limiting your profile picture to Contacts only and removing the Contacts you want to hide the Profile Picture from your Address books.

Using this workaround, only the contacts stored in your iPhone or Android phone’s Address Book will be able to see your profile image.

Because the Contacts you want to hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture from aren’t listed in your Address Book, they won’t be able to see it.

1. Go to the 3-dots icon in the upper right corner of your screen and pick Settings from the drop-down menu if you’re using an Android phone.

2. On the Settings screen, tap the Account option.

3. From the Account Screen, go to Privacy.

4. From the Privacy screen, select Profile Photo.

5. On the next page, choose My Contacts.

After then, your WhatsApp Profile Picture will only be shown to contacts in your iPhone or Android phone’s Address Book.

TikTok Launch Food Delivery Service

TikTok Food Delivery

In the United States, TikTok, a short video website, is apparently aiming to establish its own delivery service including cuisine from viral videos. According to News Media, the firm is preparing to launch TikTok Kitchen, a food delivery service that will take viral culinary videos to the next level.

According to the report, the social network is teaming up with Virtual Dining Concepts to turn meals from popular TikTok videos into genuine dishes that users can order. In 2022, TikTok Kitchen will open in around 300 sites across the United States. According to the company, it already has ambitions to serve over 1,000 places by the end of next year.

Customers will be able to order meals like baked feta pasta, a smash burger, corn ribs, and spaghetti chips that have gone famous on TikTok. It’s unclear whether these items will be permanent on the TikTok Kitchen menu or only accessible for a limited time, according to the article.

The creators will be given credit for these recipes, which will be “presented prominently throughout the relationship,” according to the newspaper. “Proceeds from TikTok Kitchen sales will be used to support the creators who inspired the menu item, as well as to encourage and assist other creators to express themselves on the platform, in keeping with TikTok’s objective to inspire creativity and offer joy to its users,” TikTok said.

TikTok Kitchen, according to the firm, is more about providing fans with delicacies that have gone popular on the internet than it is about TikTok attempting to become a restaurant.

Signal Supports 40 Person Group Calls

Signal App

Signal, an encrypted messaging service, has announced that group calls may now accommodate up to 40 people. The company said it first introduced end-to-end encrypted group calls a year ago and has since expanded its support from five to 40 members.

“We designed our own open-source Signal Calling Service to accomplish the job because there is no off-the-shelf software that would allow us to support calls of that scale while ensuring that all communication is end-to-end encrypted,” the business claimed in a weblog.

When Signal was developing support for group calls, it tested a number of open sources selective Forwarding Units (SFUs), but only two of them provided appropriate congestion control.

“We launched group calls using a modified version of one of them,” the company noted, “but we quickly discovered that even with extensive modifications, we couldn’t safely grow beyond eight participants due to high server CPU utilization.”

To accommodate additional users, the business created a new SFU in Rust from the ground up. It has been supporting all Signal group calls for nine months, can easily scale to 40 people, and is readable enough to serve as a reference implementation for an SFU built on WebRTC protocols, according to the business.

WhatsApp to Allow You to Hide Your Profile Photo, Status

Whatsapp Update

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging and communication platforms, has launched a new update for its desktop client through the official beta channel. The update pushes the version number up to 2.2149.1, according to the release notes. WhatsApp will offer the option to choose “My Contacts Except…” for privacy settings in a future release. WABetaInfo commented on the situation on Twitter, writing, “What’s new in version 2.2149.1 of WhatsApp Desktop? WhatsApp will offer the ability to choose “My Contacts Except…” for your privacy settings in a future release. At a later date, further iOS and Android activations are expected.”

“Wassup is now working on the option to define “My Contact Except…” for your privacy settings right within WhatsApp Web/Desktop!” after integrating some new approaches to secure user privacy. WABetaInfo claims this. According to the source, the option “My Contact Except…” will be available for Last Seen, About, and Profile Photo. When you pick “My Contact Except…” on WhatsApp, you can decide who can’t see your information.

According to WABetaInfo, after WhatsApp has fully pushed out the same feature on Android beta and iOS beta, this feature will most likely be deployed on WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Beta testers also cannot see or choose “My Contacts Except…” on WhatsApp Web/Desktop, even if the feature “My Contacts Except…” is already enabled for their WhatsApp account.

However, no timeframe for when the feature will be offered to more iOS and Android users has been provided.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is developing Communities in preparation for a future release. The Google Play Beta Program will deliver the latest update, which takes the version to

The incident was announced to WABetaInfo’s Twitter followers. “What’s new in WhatsApp beta for Android? WhatsApp is working on creating Communities for a future upgrade! “It sent a tweet out.

According to the information, it is required to give groups a name and an optional description before attaching them to the Community. Also, no date has been given for when beta testers will be able to use the feature.

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YouTube TV Loses ESPN, Other Disney Networks


More than a dozen Disney-owned channels are no longer available on YouTube TV, despite a last-minute settlement with the company. Popular networks such as ESPN and ABC have been deleted from the service as of December 18th. As promised, YouTube TV’s membership has been reduced to $50 per month as a result of the loss of programs.

“They have declined to reach a fair contract with us based on market terms and conditions,” Youtusaid late Friday in a statement after ongoing negotiations with YouTube TV.

“As a result, their subscribers no longer have access to our unrivaled portfolio of networks, which includes live sports and news, as well as kids, family, and general entertainment programming from ABC, the ESPN networks, Disney channels, Freeform, FX Networks, and National Geographic channels,” the company explained. “We are prepared to strike an equitable deal with Google as soon as possible in order to restore our networks and minimize the disruption to YouTube TV users.” We’re hoping that Google will join us in this endeavor.”

YouTube TV announced in a blog post that it will “continue discussions with Disney to advocate on your behalf with the aim of restoring their programming on YouTube TV.”

YouTube TV stated, “We’ve been in good-faith conversations with Disney for several months.” “Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to strike an equitable arrangement before our current one expired, and their channels are no longer available on YouTube TV,” says the statement.

The statement comes after a notice to subscribers earlier this week that the channels might be removed from YouTube TV on Friday, December 17th if a settlement between the two businesses could not be struck. In the event that discussions fail, YouTube TV has stated that it will reduce its monthly fee from $65 to $15 to compensate for the shift.

Earlier this week, it appeared that a favorable resolution to the service loss was in the works. For one thing, the service reminded users in an email on Monday that Disney “is an essential partner for us,” and that it intended to achieve an agreement with the Mouse House “if we can establish reasonable terms.” However, the companies were unable to strike an agreement before their present arrangement expired on December 17th.

The loss of nearly a dozen channels hurts YouTube TV’s ability to compete with rival online cable alternatives like Hulu with Live TV or Fubo TV. Not only will a dozen or more channels be removed from the airwaves, but so will a long list of Disney-owned properties, including not only Disney channels but also FX, ESPN, and National Geographic channels.

The following are all of the channels that have left because an agreement has not been reached:

  • Your local ABC channel
  • ABC News Live
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Freeform
  • FX
  • FXX
  • FXM
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Wild
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3 (by authentication to the ESPN app)
  • SEC Network
  • ACC Network

Carriage disputes are frustratingly common in our new streaming landscape, and they frequently play out publicly before being resolved, as was the case recently with YouTube TV and NBCUniversal-owned channels. Less frequently, two parties fail to make a contract, and it’s the user who winds up paying the price by having to shop around for a new provider if they want support for their preferred programming.

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Meta Targets ‘Cyber Mercenaries’ Using Facebook to Spy


On Thursday, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, blacklisted a number of “cyber mercenary” organisations and began notifying 50,000 people who were presumably targeted by the companies suspected of spying on activists, dissidents, and journalists throughout the world.

Meta took down 1,500 Facebook and Instagram accounts tied to groups that allegedly offered services ranging from gathering public information online to building trust with targets via phoney identities or digital eavesdropping via cyber attempts.

In addition, the social media giant has begun informing approximately 50,000 people it believes may have been targeted in more than 100 countries by companies including several from Israel, which is a major participant in the cyber-surveillance industry.

“The surveillance-for-hire market… appears to be indiscriminate targeting on behalf of the highest bidder,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, Meta’s head of security policy.

Facebook‘s parent company says it removed accounts linked to Israeli companies Cobwebs Technologies, Cognyte, Black Cube, and Bluehawk CI.

Bellatrix, a company based in India, Cytrox, a company based in North Macedonia, and an undisclosed Chinese business all had accounts tied to them banned from Meta platforms.

Researchers from Citizen Lab, a Canadian cybersecurity company, accused Cytrox of producing and distributing malware that was used to hack Egyptian opposition activist Ayman Nour’s phone on Thursday.

China’s unnamed operation

“These cyber mercenaries frequently claim that they only work with criminals and terrorists,” according to a Meta statement.

“Targeting is indiscriminate,” it continued, “and includes journalists, dissidents, opponents of authoritarian regimes, families of opposition members, and human rights campaigners.” “They are no longer allowed to use our services.”

Black Cube denied wrongdoing and even operating in the “virtual realm” in a statement to AFP.

“Black Cube works with the world’s finest legal firms to prove bribes, uncover corruption, and recover hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen assets,” the company said, adding that it follows all local regulations.

Companies that sell “web intelligence services” begin the surveillance process by gathering data from publicly available online sources like news headlines and Wikipedia.

According to Meta investigators, cyber mercenaries then create phoney accounts on social media sites to gather information from people’s profiles and even join groups or conversations to learn more.

Another strategy is to gain a target’s trust on social media and then deceive them into clicking on a booby-trapped link or file that instals malware that can collect information from whatever device they use to access the internet.

According to the Meta team, a mercenary with that level of access can steal data from a target’s phone or computer, as well as secretly activate microphones, cameras, and tracking.

According to the Meta report, one of the targeted companies, Bluehawk, sells a variety of monitoring services, including managing phoney accounts to install harmful code.

According to Meta, several bogus accounts linked to Bluehawk impersonated journalists from publications such as Fox News in the United States and La Stampa in Italy.

While Meta was unable to determine who was behind the undisclosed Chinese operation, it was able to link the surveillance tool’s “command and control” to servers that appeared to be used by Chinese law enforcement officers.

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