Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
Joe Biden Showers Praise On Phil Murphy, Endorses Him For Second Term As New Jersey Governor 

Joe Biden Endorses Phil Murphy For Second Term As New Jersey Governor

President Joe Biden has extended his support to Governor Phil Murphy ahead of the elections in New Jersey for Governor. Murphy is aiming to extend his run as Governor for another term and is spending a lot of money to ensure that. Biden praised Murphy for the work he has done for the people of New Jersey during the pandemic. Moreover, he said, “Governor Murphy is getting folks vaccinated to beat the pandemic. He’s delivering economic relief to working families and supports my plans to build back better by investing in our infrastructure and in our people — with child care, elder care, paid leave, and more.”

Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
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Phil Murphy Delivers For People Of New Jersey, Says Joe Biden

Biden thinks Murphy is the go-to guy for New Jersey Governor as he has proven himself to be an efficient and effective leader. The President said, “I stood with him in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida as he’s taking on the climate crisis. From lowering the cost of health care to improving access to education, Phil delivers for the people.”

Phil Murphy

Joe Biden Thinks Phil Murphy Shares His Optimism For Future

Biden revealed that Phil Murphy is very optimistic about the future just like him and wants to do everything for the betterment of the people of New Jersey. Furthermore, he said, “He shares my optimism for the future. And he knows how to get the job done because he’s been doing it. We need to re-elect Phil Murphy as Governor of New Jersey.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
Phil Murphy Talks About Lack Of Vaccination Among Trans People Of Color

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Promises To Work For Trans Community If Re-elected As Governor

Phil Murphy made it clear that he would run for Governor again in New Jersey when the elections will take place in November this year. In a recent interview, he promised that he would work more for the welfare of the LGBTQ+ community and especially the trans community. Moreover, he said, “I’m running for re-election, and when I talk about the “unfinished business” in the broader LGBTQ+ agenda and community—not to the exclusion of other “unfinished business”—I invariably talk about the trans community, and especially the trans community of color. We need to do a lot more work.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Talks About Skepticism Surrounding Vaccine In The Trans Community

The vaccination rate among trans people of color has not been up to the mark in New Jersey. Trans people have been subjected to discrimination in the past by the government and the health sector and there is a lot of skepticism in the community regarding the vaccine. Murphy revealed the measures that he is planning to take in order to improve the numbers among the trans community. Furthermore, he said, “The trans community, based on the way they’ve been treated by the government and in healthcare in too many cases, are rightfully skeptical. So telling folks the truth, I think using role models to speak to the community, to get role models to get vaccinated visibly to show that they were able to do it with no harm to them.”