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At Dhanmondi 32, The Fearless Call of March 7 is Re-Imagined via Colors

Dhanmondi 32
Photo Credit: BSS

Young artists collaborated on the digital artwork ‘The Fearless Call,’ which reimagined the directives of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic March 7, 1971 speech.

The artists investigated what sparked a nation to struggle for independence in the digital mural mash-up, which was coordinated by think-tank CRI and its youth secretariat Young Bangla.

People flocking in front of Bangabandhu’s Dhanmondi 32 house were transported back to the wonderful chapters of history as a result of the exhibition.
From the flying of the red and green flag through Bangabandhu’s incarceration by the Pakistani occupying force in 1971 to his family’s assassination in 1975, his mansion has been the fertile ground for political turnarounds.

Bangabandhu’s contextualization of the persecution that would legitimize an independence movement is depicted in the joint artwork. It investigates the guidelines for how a conquered nation’s independence struggle would unfold. The spectator can explore and learn by stitching together different sections of the artwork with fine-tuned typography.

Themes depicting Bangabandhu’s charisma, 23 years of colonial rule, horrifying incidents of slaughter, calls for an economic boycott, protecting the protection of at-risk communities, war preparations, and a clarion appeal for freedom have all been mixed up into one creative performance.

Reesham Shahab Tirtho, Saiyad Saif Ali, Sushmita Das Dewan, Ishrat Jahan Shaeera, Faiaz Rafid, Ahsana Angona, and Md. Mojjammil E Hamid is the dynamic artist behind ‘The Fearless Call.’

Because the Joy Bangla Concert, which pays homage to the father of the nation’s March 7 speech, was halted for the second year in a row because of the Covid-19 outbreak, this artwork served as an alternative in transmitting history through artistic ways.

Professor Nisar Hossain of Fine Arts, lauding the artwork in the digital realm, recalled artists’ pioneering role in reinstating Bangabandhu’s philosophy in post-1975 Bangladesh when anti-liberation forces went to any length to silence pro-liberation voices.

Professor Nisar praised painting techniques that depicted the ‘Himalaya-like stature as mentioned by Fidel Castro,’ and suggested that the artwork be organized to a greater extent in the coming years.

MPs Nahim Razzaq and Nahid Izhar Khan, as well as the director-general of the Power Cell, Mohammad Hossain, and Dr. Mamun Al Mahtab, spoke.

Bangabandhu Biopic’s First Poster is Published on His Birthday

Bangabandhu Biopic

Bangabandhu Biopic’s First Poster is Published on His 102nd Birthday (March 17, 2022). 

On the 102nd birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first poster for the upcoming biopic “Bangabandhu” was published.

A picture of a hand of Bangabandhu can only be seen across the poster in white Punjabi. There were photographs of millions of people on the podium, along with the ‘Call Ready’ mike and glasses.

The film ‘Bangabandhu’ is based on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s life. In a Bangladesh-India co-production, acclaimed Indian director Shyam Benegal is producing the film.

In this film, Arifin Shubha portrays Bangabandhu, while Nusrat Faria portrays Sheikh Hasina, Riaz Ahmed portrays Tajuddin Ahmed, Nusrat Imroz Tisha portrays Bangabandhu’s wife Fazilatun Necha Mujib, Raisul Islam Asad portrays Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, Fazlur Rahman Babu portrays Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed.

The film is set to be released this year.

How to Get Bangladesh Government’s Retirement Pension?

Bangladesh Government's retirement pension
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Do you know how to get the Bangladesh government’s retirement pension? Bangladesh government’s plans to implement a universal retirement allowance program.

Various professionals and age categories, including low-income persons, will receive monthly retirement allowances under this program.

This policy, also known as the universal retirement allowance program, allows anyone to receive an allowance of up to Rs 65,000 per month after retirement if they deposit Rs 1,000 each month.

If a pensioner dies, his or her nominee will get this amount, which is similar to the traditional retirement stipend. A person can also borrow up to 50% of the money put in the retirement allowance fund.

After all, this will be an entirely tax-free retirement. But, if there’s anything, it’s right here.

Who is benefited from Bangladesh Government’s Retirement Pension?

This retirement allowance will be available to everyone in the country between the ages of 18 and 50 who is a Bangladeshi citizen of any profession who earns money from exparts, grocery storekeepers, or daily wagers.

Employees of all government and autonomous organizations, on the other hand, who are now receiving some form of retirement allowance will be excluded from the scheme.

If someone wishes to join this program when it is launched, they should do so; if not, they should not. However, it will become mandatory for everyone in the future.

How will Bangladesh Government’s Retirement be paid?

To calculate, disburse, and manage the pension, the government will establish a universal pension authority.

Each retiree will have their own pension account. As a result, even if a person moves jobs, his account remains the same.

The pension authority will choose who will make monthly deposits and how much money will be deposited. The extortion rate will be set at a minimum, and the money will have to be deposited on a monthly basis. Expatriates, on the other hand, can pay every three months.

The pension authorities will establish the monthly rate of extortion if an organization wishes to provide this pension to its employees.

The same amount of money that a person deposits at a monthly rate will be placed in that person’s account by their employer. In the case of low-income people, the government is considering placing the same amount as the pensioner’s monthly deposit in their accounts.

However, if someone wishes to deposit additional funds in addition to the monthly amount, you may do so.

How much money will they get?

The amount of pension a person receives is determined by how much money he has deposited each month.

“A person would get 10% profit on the amount placed in the pension fund at the time of retirement or up to the age of 60 years and 8% as monthly allowance,” Finance Minister A.H.M. Mustafa Kamal said at a virtual press conference, promoting the program.

Simply put, if a person deposits Rs 1,000 each month from the age of 18 to 60, he will receive a monthly retirement benefit of Rs 64,776 at the age of 61.

If someone starts putting money into this scheme when they are 30 years old, their monthly retirement allowance will be Rs 18,908.

However, it is important to note that a person will only be entitled to a retirement allowance if he makes continuous monthly contributions for a period of ten years.

Every year, a set amount of money must be deposited into this pension account. If a person fails to deposit the required minimum, his account will be temporarily suspended. The pension account, however, can be reopened with a penalty, which includes the number of months of funds remaining.

What happens if the retiree passes away?

Bangladesh Government’s retirement pension will be paid to retirees for the rest of their lives. If a pensioner dies, the allowance will be paid to the pensioner’s nominee for another 75 years.

If a pensioner dies before receiving a monthly payment for ten years, the monies put in his pension account, as well as any profit, will be refunded to his nominee.

What do experts have to say?

Bangladeshi citizens’ average life expectancy is rising. It has now been 73 years. The creation of such a program in such a situation has been praised by experts. They are concerned, however, about its implementation.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, 20 percent of Bangladesh’s population would be elderly by 2031, according to Fahmida Khatun, executive director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue. Currently, 40 persons out of every 100 in the country are without a pension.

“The government’s tax revenue is quite low,” Fahmida Khatun added. Infrastructure costs are rising at an alarming rate. It will be quite difficult for the government to set aside monies to provide pensions to such a big population in such a situation.’

Aside from that, the economist advised keeping a close eye on the Bangladesh Government’s retirement pension fund’s money as well as the process of distributing it to ensure that it does not become another weapon of corruption.

Dhaka University Student Dies after Falling from a Moving Train

Photo is taken from internet

Dhaka University’s (DU) student Mahaboob Adar died after falling from a moving train. He is a resident student of Haji Muhammad Muhsin Hall who is studying under the marketing department of Dhaka University for the academic year 2019-2020.

This information was confirmed on Thursday (March 17) afternoon by the principal of the hall, Prof. Dr. Masudur Rahman, and the student’s uncle Farhad Hossain. It is known that the accident took place in the morning at Pakshi Bridge in Pabna district.

His uncle Farhad said the accident took place on The Pakshi Bridge in Pabna when Mahaboob was on his way to Kushtia from Dhaka. He had his head out of the window. He then collided with the railing (iron) of the bridge and died on the spot. His family members went there.

Prof. Dr. Masudur Rahman, principal of Haji Muhammad Muhsin Hall, said, “I came to know about it through his friends. All concerned, including the university’s proctor, have already been informed. I am in touch with his family through his friends. We, the Muhsin Hall family, are deeply saddened by this incident.

Mahboob’s classmates are devastated by his sudden departure. His hall roommate Md. Rahat Shikdar said Mahaboob was a very good boy. He was so so sociable, cheerful, and lively. I can’t accept his sudden departure. It feels like a nightmare.

Zainal, a friend of the same department, said he could not accept Mahbub’s death in any way. I can’t imagine him leaving us so soon. I can’t see such a smiling friend again. May Allah bless him and give the family the strength to bear the grief.

It is known that Mahaboob’s house is in Sadar Union of Khetlal Upazila of Jaipurhat district. He is the only child of his parents in a family of three. His father’s name is Md. Hannan Mithu. He was very focused and talented in his studies since childhood. He studied at Jaipurhat R.B. Government High School and milestone college in Dhaka. In 2019, he participated in the admission test of Dhaka University and got the opportunity to study in the marketing department.

Not Napa Syrup, Mother Poisoned Ashuganj Boys: Bangladesh Police

Napa Syrup Killer Mother
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Two boys who died in Brahmanbaria’s Ashuganj a week ago after swallowing paracetamol syrup were poisoned by their mother, authorities claimed after an investigation into the closely-followed case.
According to investigators, the woman laced sweets’ with poison and handed them to the children to ingest.

They went on to say that the homicide was motivated by an adulterous affair.

Lima Begum, the mother of the two murdered boys, was apprehended by police in Durgapur village on Wednesday.

Day laborer Ismail Hossain alias Sujon Khan, the children’s father, has filed a murder complaint against Lima Begum and her boyfriend Shafiullah, according to Brahmanbaria Additional Police Superintendent Molla Mohammad Shaheen.

Lima works in an Ashuganj rice mill and has a relationship with Shafiullah, another employee. According to the SP, they decided to marry.

“Lima executed their plan by feeding poisoned sweets to Yasin and Morsalin. During the interrogation, she admitted to doing it.”

Yasin Khan, seven, and Morsalin Khan, five, died on March 10th. The boys ‘became unwell after eating Napa syrup,’ according to Lima.

Lima informed reporters that she got a bottle of ‘Napa syrup’ from a nearby pharmacy and served it to the kids. After taking the drug, the youngsters began to puke.

According to Lima, the two were taken to Ashuganj Upazila Health Complex before being transferred to the district’s main hospital.

Yasin died about 9 p.m. on the way home from the hospital, while Morsalin died at 10:30 p.m. after arriving home, according to her.

The incident sparked widespread debate across the country. Three investigative panels were formed to look into the deaths: the Directorate General of Health Services, the Directorate General of Drug Administration, and the Brahmanbaria General Hospital authorities.

Following the deaths of Morsalin and Yasin, the DGDA ordered a nationwide investigation of wholesale and retail outlets to collect samples of a specific batch of Napa brand paracetamol syrup for testing.

The Napa syrup that the brothers consumed was also sent to CID for testing.

According to the Directorate General of Drug Administration, no hazardous substances were discovered in the medicine after the test.

The DGDA seized eight bottles of Napa from the store in Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria, where the children’s medicine was purchased, said Major General Mohammad Yousuf, the organization’s director-general, at a press conference on Monday.

Meanwhile, authorities discovered that the family had taken both boys to the Brahmanbaria General Hospital and purchased a ticket for emergency treatment, but that they were not registered with the department.

The family may take the boys away without going to the emergency room because they were afraid of the stomach cleansing procedure, according to hospital officials.

Lima was suspected from the start, according to Additional SP Shaheen.

“She attempted to deflect the investigation by claiming that the boys had a drug response after ingesting Napa syrup. She then admitted to murdering the children.”

The other suspect in the case, Shafiullah, is being sought by police.

Shakib Khan Remembered Bangabandhu from United States

Shakib Khan remembered Bangabandhu

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation for thousands of years, celebrates his birthday today. On March 17, 1920, in Tungipara, Gopalganj, this famous leader was born. People across the country are greeting and celebrating the birth anniversary of the independence dreamer.

Stars from the entertainment industry will not be left out either. When it comes to entertainment, the country’s biggest star comes to mind. Shakib Khan is his name. Currently in the United States of America. He did not, however, forget about Bangabandhu. Best wishes and respect.

Shakib Khan has made a message on his official Facebook page about Bangabandhu. ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is Bangladesh’s architect,’ he wrote. We have established ourselves as an independent nation in the globe thanks to his capable leadership. Bangabandhu valued cultural independence as much as political and economic independence. The eternal words of this great statesman are pathetic to us, the people of culture.’

‘If we can move forward with learning from Bangabandhu’s ideology, plan, justice, life, thought, and action, then I think the dream of this uncompromising and pragmatic leader will come true,’ Shakib wrote, expressing his hope to follow Bangabandhu’s worldview. On the 102nd birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation, greetings, and respect.

It’s worth noting that Shakib Khan visited the United States last November. For some months, he has been studying to become a citizen of that country. The star will also make films in the United States. A new initiative has been announced. Himel Ashraf will be in charge of it. Shakib will be in charge of the production.

The majority of the film’s production will take place in the United States. Bangladesh will be used for some of the filmings. After the construction is finished, Dhaliwood King intends to release it abroad.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule and Fare: All You Need to Know

Dhaka to kolkata Train Schedule and Fare

Do You Know about Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule and Fare? Because of the reduction in Covid-19 infection, rail transportation has become commonplace throughout the country.

As a result, passenger rail service between Bangladesh and India will resume. Passenger train service between the two countries is set to begin on March 26 if all goes smoothly.

Travelers are overjoyed with the news that passenger trains connecting the two countries have reopened after a 25-month hiatus. However, there have been some adjustments to the rail travel timetable and rates. Let’s see what the train schedule and rates are from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule

The inter-country Maitri Express runs five days a week between Dhaka and Kolkata and Kolkata and Dhaka. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, trains will depart Dhaka.

Trains to Dhaka, on the other hand, will depart Kolkata every Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, however, Maitri Express will be closed.

Dhaka and Kolkata are separated by 365 kilometers. This route’s train fare is Rs. 3,505 per passenger, which includes travel tax (Rs. 500) and an AC chair (Rs. 2,505). On the train, there are no comfy seats.

Tickets for children aged 1 to 5 years must be purchased at 50% of the corresponding class’s cost. The age is normally calculated based on the passport in this scenario.

The Maitri Express train issues advance tickets 29 days before departure. Return tickets are also available 4 days before departure from both stations.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket Fare

Train tickets are available in both countries. From Bangladesh to Kamalapur Railway Station, and from Chittagong Railway Station to Dhaka to Kolkata, tickets are available. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., tickets will be available.

Tickets for the Kolkata-Dhaka train, on the other hand, can be purchased at Fairley Place, Dalhousie Square, and the Kolkata Railway Station. Tickets will be available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time every day.

Nuhash Humayun’s Moshari Movie Won South-West Film Festival Award

Nuhash Humayun's Moshari Movie

Nuhash Humayun, the son of Humayun Ahmed, was the winner. His short film ‘Moshari’ was nominated for a South-West Film Festival award. At this festival, Nuhash Humayun’s film has been nominated for the Jury Award Midnight Short.

It was declared in Texas, USA, on Wednesday (March 16). On March 13, the film was screened at the festival. The matter was confirmed to the media by Nuhash Humayun. The details are also available on the festival’s website.

‘Moshari’ has been the subject of numerous discussions since the start of construction. Anora, Nuhash’s niece, is one of them. Sheila Ahmed is his mother’s name. Acting in a number of plays, including ‘Aaj Rabibar,’ has garnered him a lot of fans.

Anora played a little artist in one of the film’s two main protagonists. Sunerah Binte Kamal, the famous star of ‘No Darai,’ is the other character.

The film was made in 2019, according to the information available. It was created with the intention of being sent to various festivals around the world. It will have its world premiere at the South by South-West Film Festival, according to him.

According to Nuhash Humayun, the story of two sisters ended with the world’s destruction. Little-Big Production House is in charge of the film’s production. The producers are Bushra Afrin and Nuhash Humayun.

The film’s plot is disturbing. Apu and Ira are the names of the two sisters. The earth is depopulated by a murderous insect, as portrayed in the story. In Dhaka, the last two persons are still alive. Apu and Ira are their names. They eventually discover that the Moshari is a tool to help them survive the blood-sucking insects!

‘Not Acknowledging Bangabandhu is a Denial of Bangladesh’

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud
Photo is taken from Internet.

Information Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said that the independence of Bangladesh cannot be imagined without Bangabandhu. Not accepting Bangabandhu is a denial of Bangladesh.

He said this while talking to reporters after paying homage at the portrait of the Father of the Nation in front of Bangabandhu Bhawan at Dhanmondi in the capital on the morning of the 102nd birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Thursday (March 17).

Hasan Mahmud said it was under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the greatest Bengali nation of all time, that the first Bengali nation-state Bangladesh was established in the history of the Bengali nation for 5,000 years. The independence of Bangladesh cannot be imagined without Bangabandhu.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said, “On this day, it is our oath to establish the non-communal spirit on which Bangladesh achieved independence under the leadership of Bangabandhu. Today’s oath is to uproot all communalism, eliminate the conspirators against the independence and sovereignty of the country and reach the dream address of Bangabandhu and the participants of the freedom struggle under his leadership.

After paying homage, he left Dhaka to attend a two-day event organized by the Bangladesh Awami League at Tungipara in Gopalganj, the birthplace of Bangabandhu, on March 17-18.

Celebrating Bangabandhu’s Birthday by Cutting a cake in DU

Photo is taken from internet

The 102nd birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Dhaka University, was celebrated by cutting a cake at 12:01 pm on the first hour of March 17 at 12.01 pm in a joint initiative of the administration and hall branch students of Dhaka University.

Hall Principal Prof. Dr. Md. The event, which was presided over by Akram Hossain, was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman.

At this time, the VC said, it is a matter of good fortune for us to be able to celebrate his birthday by cutting a cake in the first prahar in this hall built in the name of Bangabandhu. Don’t be limited to birthday celebrations. Everyone has to imbibe the ideals of Bangabandhu in real life.

Also present on the occasion were Dr. Abdus Samad, Dean Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Dhaka, Dr. Badruzzaman Bhuiyan Kanchan, Principal, Martyred Sergeant Zahurul Hall Hall, Al.Badruzzaman Bhuiyan Kanchan, President of Bangladesh Students’ Central Executive Parliament, President of Bangladesh Students’ Union, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall Branch President Mehedi Hasan Shant, General Secretary Mahbubur Rahman, Central, Dhaka University, Dhaka Metropolitan South, Student leaders of different halls of Dhaka Metropolitan North and University.