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Joe Biden Gives An Update On Former President Bill Clinton’s Health

Bill Clinton
Source: People

Bill Clinton Is Doing Fine, Says Joe Biden

Former US President Billl Clinton was hospitalized in California due to urological infection. President Joe Biden contacted Clinton and talked to him over phone. As per him, Clinton is doing fine and will be out of the hospital very soon. Moreover, Biden said, “He’s doing fine; he really is. He’s not in any serious condition. He is getting out shortly, as I understand it. Whether that’s tomorrow or the next day, I don’t know.”

Bill Clinton
Source: People

Bill Clinton Is In Excellent Spirits

Bill Clinton’s spokesperson Angel Urena has revealed that the former President is doing well and will be discharged in the coming days, Moreover, she said, “President Clinton continues to be in excellent spirits, and is deeply grateful for the outstanding care he is receiving and the well wishes that people have sent from across America and around the world,” the statement said.” Bill has been reading books in the hospital and listening to news of his hospitalization. His wife Hillary is with him in the hospital. However, his daughter Chelsea was not there.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Vows To Take Biden To Court For Vaccine Mandate

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: NBC

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Calls Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Unconstitutional

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is the latest Republican governor to oppose the vaccine mandate imposed federally by President Joe Biden. He called the move unconstitutional as it violated the personal freedom of people to choose whether they want to take the vaccine or not. Furthermore, Stitt said, “I’ve heard from many Oklahomans who have concerns about President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses. I want to address those directly. This action is not just federal overreach. It’s unconstitutional.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: NBC

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Vows To Take Biden To Court

Governor Stitt has already had a word with his state’s attorney general and he is ready to take Biden to court regarding the vaccine mandate. Moreover, he said, “I’ve talked about this with our Attorney General, John O’Connor. And I know he’s on our side. He’s ready to take President Biden to court the second the rules are made public. President Biden’s administration has no respect for individual freedoms.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
Source: The Oklahoman

Taking Vaccine A Personal Choice, Says Governor Stitt

As far as vaccination is concerned, Stitt thinks it is always a personal choice. He cited his own example and said that he took the vaccine only after consulting his doctor. He said, “I cannot believe we have a president who wants to force Americans to choose between a vaccine and their job. The people this is affecting aren’t just statistics. They’re real Oklahomans with real concerns. They’re brave nurses and caretakers. They’re expecting mothers and fathers. They’re first responders and brave law enforcement. Getting the vaccine is a personal choice. Period.”

Joe Biden Insists Vaccine Mandates Are Working, But 66 Million Still Unvaccinated

Joe Biden
Source: Reuters

Joe Biden Insists Vaccine Mandates Are Working

The rate of vaccination has slowed down in the US. The people who were willing to take the vaccine have already taken it. However, there is still a considerable group of people who are skeptical about taking the vaccine. That is why President Joe Biden announced vaccine mandates in the US and allowed private firms to mandate vaccines for their employees. In a recent speech, he insisted that the mandates are working as people are getting vaccinated. Moreover, he said, “The vaccine requirements that we started rolling out in the summer are working.”

Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
Source: PIX 11

66 Million Still Unvaccinated, Says Joe Biden

Biden revealed that despite the vaccine mandates, 66 million people are still not vaccinated in the US. Such a high portion of unvaccinated people is unacceptable according to the President. Furthermore, he said, “We’re down to 66 million, still an unacceptably high number, of unvaccinated people. We can’t let up now.”

Joe Biden
Source: CNN

Biden Faces Pushback From Republican Governors For Mask Mandate

Biden’s vaccine mandate has not gone down well with Republican Governors. Some of the governors have already passed laws and executive orders opposing Biden’s order. However, Biden thinks vaccination should not be an issue that divides the people of America. He said, “Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us.”

Border Crisis: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has An Action Plan For Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Greg Abbott
Source: Houston Chronicle

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Suggests Some Actions To Biden For Border Issues

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has suggested some action plan for Biden on the border issue after consulting other GOP Governors. He revealed that he had asked for a meeting with Biden along with other GOP Governors to solve the issue at the border but Biden refused for the meeting. Nevertheless, he decided to give his action plan through a press conference. One action he suggested was regarding court hearing of asylum seekers. He said, “The Biden administration must reinstate the remain in Mexico protocols which require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while awaiting their court hearing. This is a proven deterrent to crossing illegally.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: NBC

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Asks Biden To Finish Building The Wall

Greg Abbott has further asked Biden to secure the border, which includes finishing the Texas-Mexico border. He said, “The Biden ministration must finish securing the border, which includes among other things finishing the border wall.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: Chron

Abbott Thanks GOP Governors For Helping With Border Issue

Some months back, Abbott and Arizona Governor had asked other Governors for help with the border issue. GOP Governors responded by sending their troops to secure the border. Abbott thanked these Governors for their contribution and criticized Biden for not doing anything. Moreover, he said, “I want to make clear that while Biden continues to dither, Texas and other states are taking action to do the federal government’s job. I thank the governors from across America who has sent resources to our state. They understand the magnitude of the problem, as well as the need for action.”

Joe Biden Showers Praise On Phil Murphy, Endorses Him For Second Term As New Jersey Governor 

Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
Source: New Jersey Globe

Joe Biden Endorses Phil Murphy For Second Term As New Jersey Governor

President Joe Biden has extended his support to Governor Phil Murphy ahead of the elections in New Jersey for Governor. Murphy is aiming to extend his run as Governor for another term and is spending a lot of money to ensure that. Biden praised Murphy for the work he has done for the people of New Jersey during the pandemic. Moreover, he said, “Governor Murphy is getting folks vaccinated to beat the pandemic. He’s delivering economic relief to working families and supports my plans to build back better by investing in our infrastructure and in our people — with child care, elder care, paid leave, and more.”

Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
Source: PIX 11

Phil Murphy Delivers For People Of New Jersey, Says Joe Biden

Biden thinks Murphy is the go-to guy for New Jersey Governor as he has proven himself to be an efficient and effective leader. The President said, “I stood with him in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida as he’s taking on the climate crisis. From lowering the cost of health care to improving access to education, Phil delivers for the people.”

Phil Murphy

Joe Biden Thinks Phil Murphy Shares His Optimism For Future

Biden revealed that Phil Murphy is very optimistic about the future just like him and wants to do everything for the betterment of the people of New Jersey. Furthermore, he said, “He shares my optimism for the future. And he knows how to get the job done because he’s been doing it. We need to re-elect Phil Murphy as Governor of New Jersey.”

Joe Biden Gets His Pfizer Booster Shot, Urges People To Get Vaccinated

Joe Biden
Source: NPR

Joe Biden Gets Pfizer Booster Shot Against COVID-19

There has been a lot of chat in the US regarding booster shots. The FDA and CDC finally approved a booster shot for the Pfizer vaccine. However, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria to get the booster shot. The first condition is that it should be six months post your second vaccine shot. Moreover, you should be over 65 or prevailing from health conditions like diabetes, obesity, etc. Moreover, you are also eligible if you are at increased risk of COVID-19 because of where you work. US President Joe Biden was also eligible for the booster shot and received his dose publicly. He said, “The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, looked at all the data, completed their review, and determined the boosters for the Pfizer vaccine.”

Joe Biden
Source: ABC

Biden Stresses On The Importance Of Getting Vaccinated

Biden revealed that there is still one-fourth of the eligible population that is yet to receive even one dose of vaccine. He advised people to get their vaccine shot ASAP to prevent the spread of the vaccine. Moreover, he said, “Boosters are important. But the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated. The vast majority of Americans are doing the right thing. Over 77% of adults have gotten at least one shot. About 23% haven’t gotten any shots.”

Joe Biden: US To Donate Additional 500 Million Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine

Joe Biden
Source: NY Magazine

Joe Biden Stresses On The World Fighting The Pandemic Together

US President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly wherein he stressed the importance of the world coming together to fight the pandemic. He strongly feels countries from around the world should work together to put an end to coronavirus. After UNGA, he delivered a speech at the White House regarding the same issue. Furthermore, Biden said, “We need to go big and we need to do our part, governments, the private sector, civil society, leaders, philanthropists. This is an all-hands-on-deck crisis. And the good news is we know how to beat this pandemic, vaccines, public health measures, and collective action.”

Joe Biden
Source: Business Standard

Joe Biden Pledges Another 500 Million Vaccine Doses For Low And Middle Income Countries

Biden has decided to donate 500 million additional vaccine doses to countries with low and middle income. With this, the US has raised its donation of vaccines to 1.1 billion doses. Moreover, President Biden said, “Today, I’m announcing another historic commitment. The United States is buying another half-billion dose of Pfizer to donate to low and middle-income countries around the world. This is another half-billion doses that will all be shipped by this time next year.”

Joe Biden
Source: Financial Times

Government Working To Scale Vaccine Production

Biden revealed that the federal government is closely working with vaccine manufacturers to scale the production of vaccines. It will help in the fast manufacturing and distribution of vaccines to different parts of the world. Additionally, he said, “We’re working with partner nations, pharmaceutical companies, and other manufacturers to increase their own capacity and capability to produce and manufacture safe and highly effective vaccines in their own countries.”