When it comes to the opponent, there are numerous advantages. The individual who distributes your defamation will see you in a new light if your reputation continues to soar – and if it does, people will be shocked as well. So controlling the adversary without killing him isn’t so horrible.

The US has claimed that China is working on such weapons. The Americans claim that these weapons will neither kill, nor will they cut; instead, they will occupy the opponent’s mind. He can also be deactivated in this manner if he so desires.

The Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and 11 associated research institutes have also been sanctioned by the US government. The use of biotechnology in the creation of ‘brain control weapons’ has been stated as the basis for the ban.

The US Department of Commerce did not give any information on the weapons when it blacklisted Chinese research institutes last week. Beijing, however, is attempting to achieve this goal, according to some military documents revealed in 2019.

For purportedly manufacturing brains, the US has banned 11 other research facilities, including the Chinese Academy of Military and Medical Sciences. Wikimedia Commons
The Washington Times, a powerful US news organization, published a translation of the Chinese military’s secret documents in 2019.

The Chinese military’s secret assessment proposed that rather than killing the opponent, China should concentrate on controlling him. ‘Attacking the enemy’s mental barriers’ is one way to accomplish this goal.

The US is concerned that China may deploy these weapons against ethnic minorities, such as the Uyghurs. 
A recent ban by the US government has placed Chinese research institutes on the NTT list. As a result, without government approval, American enterprises will be unable to export or transfer any items to these companies.

China is attempting to build key areas, such as biotechnology, utilizing technology obtained in the United States, according to a recent warning from US intelligence. The country’s Ministry of Commerce took the initiative right away.

China is attempting to develop a “gene editing,” “human preference improvement,” and “brain-machine interface,” according to US Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo, who spoke to the Financial Times.

He expressed concerns that China could utilize the technology to develop weapons against other ethnic groups, such as the Uyghurs.

“The People’s Republic of China’s determination to use technology to oppress ethnic and religious minorities is really terrible,” the minister stated.

“As a result, we cannot supply China with US products, technologies, software, medical research, or biotechnology discoveries that are incompatible with US national security.”

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