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Chynna Philip Comes Out In Support Of Hilaria Baldwin After Appropriation Controversy !



Billy Baldwin Talks About The Controversy Surrounding Hilaria Baldwin

Billy Baldwin is the latest person to speak about the controversy surrounding Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria has been facing the wrath of people after being accused of pretending to be Spanish. Moreover, Billy Baldwin has revealed that he has been in constant touch with Alec and Hilaria. He has asked the two to reach out to him in case they need any kind of help. Moreover, he said, “This is probably an awkward and embarrassing time for Alec and Hilaria. I’ve been texting Alec the whole time to make sure he’s OK and if he needs anything.”

Hilaria Baldwin Chynna Phillips

Source: People

Chynna Phillips Comes Out In Support Of Hilaria Baldwin

Chynna Phillips has also come out to support Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria has been receiving a lot of hate recently and Chynna feels it is not right. Moreover, she feels no one is perfect to point fingers at Hilaria and criticize her for no reason. Every person has flaws and no one should judge others without knowing the full story. She said, “She’s a good woman and you know none of us are perfect. We all have issues.”

Chynna Phillips Reveals She Faced Criticism Similar To Hilaria Baldwin In The Past

Chynna Phillips revealed even she faced similar criticism in the past. Moreover, she shockingly revealed that she has been at the receiving end of similar controversy since 1968. She said, “My family has been through this before. I was born in a fishbowl, and this kind of stuff has been happening around me since 1968.”

Hilaria Baldwin

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Chynna Phillips Asks Who Started The Controversy Around Hilaria

Chynna Phillips was furious about her sister-in-law getting caught up in the middle of a controversy. Moreover, she asked, “I feel terrible. Who’s going to throw the first stone at my sweet sister-in-law?”

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