Claudia Jordan Just Made Some Mouthful Revelation On Her Work Experience With Trump

Claudia Jordon
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Claudia Jordan is as bold as always in a recent interview. She is not kind who keep things beneath her teeth. She is still open to speak her heart out and raise temper. In a podcast with All About The Tea, the former Celebrity Apprentice model made some shocking revelation on the US president. 

In a conversation with David Yontef, she just gave some insights on her time with Trump’s family in Apprentice. And she was dealing with the situation. She spills almost everything about her staying with the family. 

Claudia Jordan revealed the flirty nature of Donald Trump and how he always used to have a sexual urge. He even tried to kiss her twice during the course, but she stopped him then and there. She reminded him of having a wife, and he should not cheat on Melania. She unleashes all about Trump and how he advised her not to date Black.

When asking about the reason, he said they do not have money, and she deserves better. He is too flirt at times, and sometimes it happened to be unbearable. But Claudia never got along with him. She neglected him every time he approached.

She did not even refrain from talking about Melania. Jordon carried with how his wife knows about him cheating on her and still there. She hinted at the big bracelets and diamonds of Melania and how she manages to have them.

But as we know, Trump is always on the news because of his sexual and racial remarks. He once even said he like to hold women by Vegina! So, it can be said that Claudia Jordan does have a point in her talk.

Claudia Jordon

Apart from that, the format RHOA also made a statement on Trump’s relation with his daughters. She told in the interview that Trump loves Ivanka, and she is more important to him than Melania. He listens to her, and she loves the way he loves her daughter.

But she felt Tiffani is most neglected of all the daughters and Trump does not give her much attention and that’s bad. She thinks the girl is lovely and even her mother Ex of Trump Marla was dear.

In the show, Claudia spills the beans, and in such a time, it might affect the US Presidential election.

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