Daniel Craig’s last scene as James Bond was shot at Pinewood Studios in 2019 for the movie No Time to Die, which hadn’t come out yet. This was good news for fans of the British actor, who has played the role since 2006. His record-breaking career (five movies over 13 years) has given the character new life. But, after Pierce Brosnan’s lighter take on the role, Daniel Craig gave 007 a more serious, cool vibe. He also managed to improve the style of 007.

Daniel Craig wore well-known brands like Tom Ford (high-quality coats), Brioni, and Brunello Cucinelli in his role as James Bond (perfectly tailored suits). In fact, Daniel Craig’s personal wardrobe matched that of his on-screen counterpart, and he became 007 every time he walked the red carpet: skintight tuxedos fit for the Queen’s Secret Service (or just the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and gray houndstooth linen suits from the aforementioned Cucinelli.

Daniel Craig was born to be 007

And, surprisingly, Daniel Craig is still in some ways channeling Ian Fleming’s famous character James Bond, even though he has given up the role. The new James Bond has not yet been shown. The 54-year-old actor was just photographed outside the Cheval Blanc hotel in Paris shooting scenes for Belvedere’s upcoming ad campaign. However, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a shot for the next Belvedere movie. Bond.

Daniel Craig shows off his acting skills on the streets of Paris’s first arrondissement. He wears a very elegant black outfit that includes a boxy leather jacket like those seen on the runways of Saint Laurent, a black round-neck vest, high-waisted black pants with slim legs, tasseled leather loafers, dark sunglasses, and a silver necklace. He has the kind of sexy look we would have liked to see James Bond wear on a night when he was fighting crime in a Berlin speakeasy. Who knows, maybe he’ll be in the next James Bond movie.

How did the Bonds get there?

Ian Fleming didn’t want Sean Connery to play James Bond at first because he was from Scotland. But Connery was able to win over Fleming and the producers with a perfect performance that showed what James Bond was all about at the time.

Daniel Craig is British, but he looks nothing like his predecessors or how James Bond is described in the books. He showed, however, that age and appearance can be changed.

Bond does not have to be from a certain part of the world, but that is not a rule. The actors should ideally be British, but we all know that accents can be faked and that there are limits.

What are their ages?

Daniel Craig left the role when he was 53. He was supposed to leave when he was 52, but the pandemic changed things. He was the second-oldest actor to play the role. The actors who have played James Bond are in their mid-40s, which gives them a bit of experience (in every way), but they don’t want someone who is about to retire.

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In fact, the producers of the series said they wanted a younger actor for a new series. This would allow them to make more movies and show a side of the character that hadn’t been seen before.

How do they look?

Most Bonds look the same. They have dark hair, masculine features, and muscles, but not as much as superheroes. Daniel Craig broke with tradition by having blue eyes and lighter hair, and the same producers said that race and skin tone are not the only things they think about when choosing the next James Bond.

Fleming says that James Bond is tall, handsome, and has dark hair, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be like that. “James Bond can be any color, but he is still a man,” said Barbara Broccoli.

Which actors have sounded like candidates?

Tom Hardy is 44 years old.

The movies Inception, Legend, and This Means War are used to rate it.

Even Pierce Brosnan said that he would like to see him play James Bond, and he has already played a spy or mystery agent in more than one movie.

Richard Madden, 36

In their case, the Bodyguard movies are the ones that fit the bill.

Madden is in the Marvel show Eternals right now, and we almost saw him in the Netflix show Bodyguard. Fans love the actor from Game of Thrones, and he could be a very different Bond.

Sam Heughan, 42

Movies that deserve it: The Spy Who Dumped Me, Any Human Heart, Red Notice: SAS

Many people want to see another Scotsman in the Bond series, and the actor is best known for his role in Outlander, so he would be a great choice.

Tom Hiddleston, 41

White Stork, a political thriller on Netflix, and The Night Manager series are two films that meet the requirements.

Many people want Loki to join MI6, but many also think that his Marvel fame would keep him from being picked.

Taron Egerton, 32

Kingsman has been in a lot of movies.

The fact that the actor has played a British secret agent in a movie before shows that, if given the chance, he can do a great job.

Idris Elbe, 49

You can choose from movies like the Luther series, The Suicide Squad, and Fast and Furious.

Before No Time to Die came out, Elba was one of the most likely candidates for the role, but he has said he is not interested. Now, people say that he might join the story as a bad guy.

Who do you think is the best candidate?

Richard Madden and Taron Egerton meet all the requirements. They aren’t as well-known as Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston, so they have time to make as many movies as they need to, and they aren’t stuck in a single role or style. Egerton is one of the younger candidates, which could work in his favor.

We don’t know for sure who will be the next James Bond, but based on what we know, it’s probably going to be one of these actors or someone very similar. They might surprise us by picking a new player.

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