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Dax Shepard Reveals His Daughters Are CAR FREAKS Just Like Him !



Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard Reveals Both His Daughters Are Into Cars

Dax Shepard is crazy about his two daughters. He is elder daughter goes by the name of Lincoln and is eight years old. Moreover, his younger daughter is six years old and is called Delta. Dax recently revealed in an interview that both his daughters are into car from a very young age. He can see the two learning to drive early on in their life. Moreover, he said, “They always make my day when we’re on the road and they know cars.”

Dax Shepard

Source: Delish

Dax Shepard Reveals His Daughters Love Rides Just Like Him

Dax Shepard is glad that his daughter likes cars just the way he does. He is a sucker for good rides and so are his daughters. Moreover, he said, “I got this obnoxious, gruesome vehicle called the Hellcat, and they ran out, sat in it, sat behind the wheel and wanted to start it, wanted to go for a ride. They seem to have the bug, which is, you know, my total dream come true.”

Lincoln Is Already Driving, Reveals Dax Shepard

Dax revealed that her elder daughter Lincoln is already driving a Razor. Moreover, Dax has even sat next to her daughter as a passenger while she confidently drove the car. He said, “I’ve already taught the 7-year-old, she drives a Razor, which is a little dune buggy, and I sit in the passenger’s seat and she just hauls, off-roading.”

Dax Shepard

Source: People

Dax Is Confident About Her Daughters As Drivers

Dax is confident that her daughters can take him home in the car the day he meets with an accident or something. He said, “So she’s got it. If I ever hit my head and she could touch the pedals, I’d feel pretty confident she could get us home.” Dax seems to be pretty confident about the driving skills of 8 years olds.

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