Delaware Governor John Carney Announces Vaccine Mandate For School Staff

Delaware Governor John Carney is the latest Democratic governor to announce a vaccine mandate for school staff. His order will include educators as well as other school staff. Both public and private schools have been included in this order. As per Carney, the vaccine mandate is the best way to go forward in order to ensure the safety of students. Students have started coming back to school in the US for in-person learning and the vaccine mandate has been announced in many states to keep the students safe. Furthermore, Carney said, “There’s no better way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and keep all Delaware children in their classrooms, than to get vaccinated.”

Delaware Governor John Carney
Source: CBS Philly

School Vaccine Mandate Will Prevent Disruptions In Learning, Says Delaware Governor John Carney

Online teaching and learning have been kind of a failure as both students and teachers failed to adapt to the new format. Studies showed that the attention span of students dropped during online classes. That is why every state has been working hard to open the schools again for the students. However, all the efforts would go into the trash if the cases rise again. To avoid that, Carney thinks the vaccine mandate is the best decision. He said, “Our top priority has been to get all Delaware students back in school this fall. This new requirement will help keep them there and prevent regular disruptions to their learning.”

Delaware Governor John Carney
Source: WHYY

John Carney Urges People To Get Vaccinated

Carney has urged all Delawareans to get vaccinated and prevent the spread of COVID. Moreover, he said, “These vaccines are safe and extremely protective against COVID-19 infection and serious illness. I encourage all Delawareans to get your shot and help us finally put an end to this pandemic.”

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