Deputy Constable’s Wife And Step Daughter Shot During Home Invasion In Texas !

Deputy Constable’s Wife And Child Shot During Home Invasion In Texas

A Texas Deputy Constable’s wife and child were shot in an incident of home invasion. Houston police got a call for ‘officer assist’ at around 2:20 am at West Dallas Street. As per the call, the person who carried the attack wore an all-black outfit. Moreover, he also had a shotgun in his hand and another assault weapon. The suspect entered the house and open fired at the officer’s wife and child. Both the wife and the child got hit by the bullet but did not die. The officer’s wife was shot in the leg and is doing ok at the moment. On the other hand, the child was shot on the arm but did not get any fatal injuries.

Troy Finner
Source: Houston Chronicle

Houston Police Chief Gives Some More Detail On Texas Shooting Case

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner gave a briefing on the case. He revealed that there is not much information except the fact that the suspect forced himself into the house. He said, “We don’t know anything, what’s the motive of this, if it was targeted or what, all we know is he forced entry.”

Troy Finner
Source: KHOU

Investigation Going On Intensly: Houston Police Chief

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner revealed that the investigation is going on intensely for the case. He also made it clear that every case will be handled with the same seriousness irrespective of whether it affects a policeman or a civilian. He said, “Anytime a citizen gets shot in Houston, let alone a deputy’s or officer’s family, it’s something we take seriously, but a lot of investigation has to go on with it.” The person is yet to be identified by the police. The only relief is that the wife of the constable and his child are safe for now.

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