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Did Addison Rae Tip Off the Paparazzi Just Like How The Old School Celebs Did ? Know More !



Addison Rae

Team Of Addison Rae Tips Off the Paparazzi About Her Whereabouts

Although Addison Rae is a Gen Z social media celebrity, in some ways, she’s using the same old tricks as her ancient ancestors. Addison was in New York recently and her team has been tipping off the plain old paparazzi about her whereabouts.

Addison Rae

Source: Us Weekly

Addison Rae Wants the Press to Document Her Looks Well

Addison is particularly interested in making sure her style has been well-documented by the press. She is famously a pal of the Kardashian clan, so perhaps she’s been getting tips.

Fans Furious At The Paparazzi On Making Addison 

On March 3rd, the YouTube channel posted a video titled, “Addison Rae Responds to Bryce Hall & Saiviantha Cheating Rumours While Leaving Lunch at Crossroads.” In the video, Fletcher, the cameraman, asks Addison if the rumors that Bryce cheated are true. Even when she said, “I don’t think I want to talk about anything to do with that,”, the cameraman fired more questions at her. Moreover, he asked her if she knows who Saiviantha, the girl Bryce was rumored to have hooked up with, is and if there’s still hope for Braddison.

Addison Rae Was Upset With The Camera Man

With all the questions coming her way, Addison was getting furious. Moreover, she stopped answering all together and covered her face, looking very upset. However, she kept it together and took a photo with a fan.  Immediately after that, she jumped into her car.

Addison Rae

Source: IMDb

Saiviantha Claims That ‘Nothing Happened’ Between Her And Bruce 

She said, “He has a girlfriend, he’s in a happy relationship and we respect relationships out here.” Moreover, she confirmed that Bryce “handled himself” well and “acted like he had a girlfriend” while they were hanging out. However, it’s still unclear where Braddison stands now and if they will be able to get through this rough patch together.


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