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Did You Know That Will Smith Had An Abusive Childhood?

Will Smith
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Will Smith Reveals His Father Was Abusive In His Childhood

Will Smith appeared in the latest episode of Red Table Talk. He opened about his childhood and revealed that his father was abusive during his childhood. He further revealed that his horrendous childhood has shaped his character. Moreover, he said, “My father was violent in my house. So a part of the whole creation of Will Smith — the joking, fun, silly — was to make sure that my father was entertained enough not to hurt my mother or anybody in the house.”

Will Smith
Source: Vulture

Making People Laugh Was A Defense Mechanism For Will Smith

Will Smith revealed that he tried to be funny to entertain his father and it has continued over the years. Due to the same reason, making others laugh has become a defense mechanism for him. He said, “So when someone comes at me like that, the little boy is fully in that space and I would perform and dance and tell jokes, right? People laughing and people having fun was my defense mechanism.”

Will Smith Thought People Wouldn’t React If He Hurt Them

Will Smith’s traumatizing childhood has affected him to a great extent. He has learned a lot of wrong things due to it. There was another misunderstanding that he grew up with. He revealed that he thought people wouldn’t hurt him back if he was the first one to hurt them. This was based on his father’s abusive relationship with him. He said, “I realize the other side of it was, if I cut you bad enough, you wouldn’t be able to respond.”

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Will Feels Fatherhood Has Healed Him

Many of Will Smith’s misconceptions have been healed during his course of fatherhood. Over the years, he has learned a lot as a father. In fact, he feels fatherhood has healed him from the scars of his childhood.