Dr. Anthony Fauci Supports California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Vaccine Mandate For Students

California took a bold step when Gavin Newsom announced a vaccine mandate for school students. The mandate would go into effect as soon as the FDA and CDC approve the vaccine for children. Though the move has led to backlash from some sections, Dr. Anthony Fauci has extended his support for it. Moreover, he said, “I agree with what Governor Newsom did in California. I mean, I’m not getting into the local issues, only to talk about general principles, that people need to realize that having a vaccine requirement for schools is not a new, novel thing that is very peculiar or specific to COVID-19. We’ve been doing this for decades.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Source: Money Control

Vaccine Mandate For Students Not A New Thing In The US, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Vaccine mandates for students have been going on for many years in the US. Parents cannot enroll their students to school if their child is not vaccinated against certain diseases like measles, rubella, etc. Fauci also pointed out the same and said, “My own children could not have gone to school if they had not gotten vaccinated with the measles, mumps, and rubella. So, when we see pushback on that, it’s as if this never happened before. It’s actually ongoing with other vaccines. So, let’s do it with a virus that’s very, very serious.”

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