After all the time and effort you spent acquiring new customers for your eCommerce business, you want to shift your focus to keep them and take great care of them. How can you turn your current customers into customers who come back to your business time and time again?

Customer retention strategies give you and your customers opportunities to see even more value in your eCommerce business. Use these five tips to forge strong customer relationships and improve your customers’ experience with your business.

1. Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Do you use different digital channels to promote your eCommerce business? You may have a few social media profiles for your company, or you could use pay-per-click ads. Either way, ensure you reach your desired target customer by making the most of those channels. 

For instance, you can optimize your digital marketing campaigns so they’re mobile-friendly. An eCommerce SEO company can help you figure out which keywords your target audience uses, so you can include those words in your marketing content and try to rise higher in search engine results pages. 

You may even want to localize your marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers in your area. For instance, if your eCommerce business is based in Colorado, a Denver SEO agency can give you deeper insights into which words and phrases your local target audience inputs in search engines the most when looking for products or services like yours.

2. Start an Email Campaign With Promotions and Discounts

Have you ever received a promotional offer you couldn’t refuse? Some deals are just too good to pass up, and saving money is reason enough to keep shopping with a specific company.

Use this to your advantage by sending current customers emails with special promotions and discounts. It’s best to only send offers to those who’ve opted to receive emails from you. This shows you listen to and respect your customers’ wishes, which gives them another reason to stick with your business for the long haul.

3. Create a Customer Onboarding Program

After someone makes an initial purchase from you, start building a relationship with a customer onboarding program. Customer actions to add to the program include:

  • Subscribing or signing up to receive promotional texts or emails, whichever the individual prefers
  • Creating a customer account on your site
  • Joining your store community
  • Downloading your app
  • Following you on social media
  • Contacting customer service with questions 

You can automate the customer onboarding program, so you don’t have to reach out to customers individually. 

4. Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Reward customers who support you and your business the most by starting a customer loyalty program. You can include rewards like discounts and cashback, and you can create tiers to encourage customers to enjoy bigger rewards by spending more at your eCommerce store.

While creating your customer loyalty program, keep a few essential things in mind. For one, make your program as easy to understand and use as possible. Also, provide customers a clear path and a simple explanation of how they earn higher rewards and reach higher reward tiers.

5. Practice Customer Service Best Practices

No matter what products or services you sell, it’s essential to provide a stellar customer service experience. When customers feel seen, heard, and cared for, they may prioritize supporting your business.

Examples of customer service best practices are meeting customers on their terms, implementing a help desk program, and offering support in real-time with live chat. Maintaining consistent customer service quality is another best practice. After all, when customers have a great first experience shopping at your eCommerce store, they expect that level of service every time they buy from you.

Customer retention tips keep customers happy, engaged, and coming back to do business with you. Use the above five tips to boost your eCommerce business’s reputation and revenue.

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