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Everyone On The Sets ‘Saw It Coming’ Between Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles !



Olivia Wilde Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde Is Very Happy In Her Relationship With Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles broke the news recently. Earlier it was known that Harry will play the lead in Olivia’s latest movie. Moreover, Olivia turns director for the second time, and this time it is a thriller. However, in the middle of all this, the brewing romance between the two has caught the headlines. Several pictures of the to holding hands have been taken in the past. Moreover, an insider said, “She is also very happy with Harry.”

Olivia Wilde Harry Styles

Source: People

Olivia Wilde Is Busy Shooting Her Movie With Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde is currently busy shooting her thriller direction with Harry in the lead. However, the filmmaking process has been slow due to coronavirus. Social distancing and other measures has taken a toll on the pace of shooting the movie. Moreover, the source said, “Olivia and Harry continue to film in L.A. Filming has been tricky because of COVID. They have shut down the set several times for testing and breaks. Olivia is amazing to work with though. She stays calm and very focused despite all the breaks.”

Everyone Saw The Spark Between Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles

As per the source, everyone could see that Olivia and Harry Styles would end up eventually dating each other. Moreover, Harry was always with Olivia and couldn’t leave her for even a second. The insider said, “Everyone saw it coming. During breaks, he hasn’t been able to stay away and visited her trailer.”

Olivia Wilde Harry Styles

Source: Backgrid

Olivia And Harry Created A Positive Work Environment

The source revealed that Olivia and Harry managed to create a very positive environment on the sets. Moreover, the insider said, “Olivia and Harry created this loving and warm environment. Everyone loved working with them. She takes her work very seriously, but everyone saw it coming.”

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