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EXCLUSIVE! Ex-Nanny On Kim Kardashian ‘s Divorce: Kanye West Tore Apart The Marriage !



Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Pam Behan Feels Kanye West Couldn’t And Kim Kardashian Could Handle Money And Fame

Pam Behan, Kim Kardashian ‘s ex-nanny has opened up about her marriage to Kanye West. Moreover, she feels one of the prime reasons behind the broken marriage is that Kanye couldn’t handle the money and fame. She feels unlike Kim, the fame got to his head and he just couldn’t handle it. Moreover, she said, “Money, power, fame, success, a lot of people can’t handle it. I would say Kanye is a prime example of that, it’s why his behavior has torn the marriage apart. I mean, my gosh how much is the man worth? A billion dollars? That’s pressure. Kim can handle it, she’s worth the same. But Kanye has struggled.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Source: The Mirror

Pam Behan Feels Beauty Was A Curse And Blessing For Kim Kardashian

Pam feels Kim’s relationship has failed as her beauty and intelligence have always intimidated men. Moreover, she feels men overlook her inner beauty and go after her only for her physical features. Moreover, Pam said, “I think a lot of men want to be with Kim mainly for the outside package. Now Kim is absolutely beautiful inside and out but do men really care and get to know about the person on the inside. I think a lot of beautiful women have a hard time finding a good man because of their good looks. I’ve heard it said that beauty can be a blessing and a curse and that’s true with Kim.”

Pam Behan Talks About Kanye West’s Bipolar Disorder

Pam Behan opened up on Kanye West’s bipolar disorder. She said, “If Kanye is bipolar as reports have said, that is a sickness, very unfortunate and very difficult to deal with. If he’s not taking his meds, then it’s a problem.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Source: Us Weekly

Pam Behan Credits Kim Kardashian For Sticking Up With Kanye West

Pam feels Kim has always supported Kanye and credited her with it. She said, “But she has stuck by his side for a long time. Even though a lot of negativity when bad things were being said and done.”

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